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Loyalty cards

Shopping loyalty cards

11 Apr 2013 | CHOICE found that most loyalty programs offer such poor rewards you generally save less than a dollar per $100 spent.   More »


Christmas gift guide 2011

16 Nov 2011 | From digital cameras to kitchen gadgets, our gift ideas cater to all budgets.  More »


Best online shopping sites

10 Nov 2009 | We save you time and effort by bringing you a list of the best online sites for books and CDS, clothes, electronics, as well as as cosmetics and fragrances.  More »

shopper viewing extended warranty with magnifying glass

Extended warranties

12 Nov 2008 | To find out if people are being pressured by retailers into buying extended warranties, CHOICE and the NSW Office of Fair Trading conducted an online survey and shadow shop of electrical retailers.  More »

Weddings investigation

Weddings - at what price?

10 Dec 2009 | This year Australian couples are expected to spend an estimated $3.7 billion on their big day - but can you be sure you're paying what you should?  More »

Clive Peeters

Lessons from the Clive Peeters collapse

28 May 2010 | Consumer Action Law Centre warns customers against buying goods from Clive Peeters unless they take them away on the day.  More »

Person typing on a laptop

Letters that get results

10 May 2005 | Sometimes you may have to write a letter outlining your concerns before the organisation takes you seriously.  More »


Know your rights

12 Jan 2010 | What can you do when you know you’re getting a raw deal, but don't know what to do about it? Read on.   More »

DFO sign

Direct factory outlets guide

18 Oct 2007 | Forget your local Westfield: there’s a new breed of shopping centre appearing around the country.  More »

man with gift card

The trouble with gift cards

09 Dec 2014 | We look at some of the problems with gifts cards, and CHOICE members share which gift cards they'd like Santa to bring for Christmas.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Do you know your returns, refunds and exchanges rights?

Christmas sales shopping rights

26 Dec 2014 | Do you know your rights under Australian Consumer Law? Being aware of the rules of refunds, exchanges and discounts can save you time and money this festive season.  More »

Review sites

Review websites

30 Jan 2015 | Consumers like to buy things that have been reviewed and recommended by others, but CHOICE finds you can't always trust the recommendations you find online.  More »

man with gift card

The trouble with gift cards

09 Dec 2014 | We look at some of the problems with gifts cards, and CHOICE members share which gift cards they'd like Santa to bring for Christmas.  More »


Your rights when shopping at Christmas

28 Nov 2014 | Want to know where you stand when it comes to a gift that doesn't do what it says on the box? Wondering if that too-good-to-be-true offer is a Christmas scam? These tips and tricks could help you shop smart during the silly season.  More »

person hands parcel to courier service

Best international postal service

10 Nov 2014 | We've reviewed five international postal services to send your Christmas parcels, and compared them for cost, ease of booking and delivery time.  More »


Trans-Pacific Partnership secretly trading away rights

24 Oct 2014 | Leaked drafts of the secretive TPP agreement indicate that consumer rights and protections, food labelling and affordable medication are all up for grabs.  More »


Lowest price and price-match guarantees

24 Sep 2014 | In many cases, a lowest-price guarantee isn't actually guaranteeing the lowest price.  More »

House drawn with sticky notes with ?

Renters' rights you didn't know you had

30 Oct 2014 | Another rent increase? Being evicted without grounds? Find out what your rights are.  More »

bride and groom dolls

The cost of weddings

28 Aug 2014 | CHOICE investigates if couples planning a wedding get quoted higher prices than other consumers, for exactly the same thing.  More »


Coles' partnership with GE Capital raises concerns

31 Jul 2014 | With supermarket giant Coles announcing a looming joint venture with credit provider GE Capital, consumers could be getting more than they bargained for when they signed up for flybuys.  More »

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    Zoya Sheftalovich talks the TPPCHOICE investigates the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the impact it will have on your consumer rights and privacy. Why all the secrecy?
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    pack-attack-video-stillCHOICE takes a look at bad packaging and uncovers some of the worst offenders.
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    unwanted-xmas-presents-leadWe uncover some of the worst Christmas presents, as received by CHOICE members.

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