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  • Updated:6 Jan 2005


If you join an industry fund or a fund via your employer, you often get a great price on insurance and you usually don’t have to take a medical to get basic cover. The cover you receive under this arrangement is basically a package deal for all members. If you join a super fund as an individual you may not be able to access such competitive wholesale rates for insurance. You may even be rejected for insurance cover if you have a pre-existing health condition.

The table below shows the super funds with the best value wholesale insurance deals. It shows how much death only cover you'll receive for each $1 of premium you pay per week.

Super funds with the best value wholesale insurance deals*
Death only insurance Cover ($) (a)
Queensland Independent Education and Care Superannuation Trust 116667
Non-Government Schools Superannuation Fund 91250
CUE (Credit Union Employees) Super Plan 83871
Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund 77414
Law Employees Superannuation Fund 77345
Finsuper 76667
Mercer Super Trust (Corporate Super Division) 73239
Superannuation Trust of Australia 71512
CARE Super 70680

Table notes

* Insurance deals for a 45-year-old from a low occupational risk group, eg managerial.
(a) This is the amount of cover you can purchase for each $1 of premium you pay per week.