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Super in a volatile environment

What are your options for securing your retirement?

12 May 2008 | Your June statement might show the worst return in years. Will you have enough money to retire? Should you switch investment options to manage stockmarket risks?

Nest, egg, money

Early release super schemes

Schemes promoting early access to super have got consumers and the scheme promoters into hot water.

30 Mar 2008 | Financial services watchdog, ASIC, has been busy chasing and charging promoters of illegal early-release super schemes.


Ease into retirement

The "Transition to Retirement" rules allow older workers to access their super before they retire.

17 Jan 2008 | If you're 55 or over you can access your super to start an income stream without having to retire.


Super choice survival guide

How to get the greatest benefit from super choice.

6 Jan 2005 | According to our recent online survey on attitudes to fund choice, 59% of those surveyed were fairly or very satisfied with their current fund, while 10% were dissatisfied.

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