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  • Updated:6 Mar 2006

06.Options for super

Many corporate super funds and master trusts, as well as some industry funds, offer index funds on their investment menus. The table below shows the largest 20 super funds which offer an index investment choice. For more information check out our Choice guide to DIY super.

Table: Largest 20 superannuation funds offering an index investment choice

Fund Name Market Segment
MLC MasterKey Superannuation Personal master trust
Mercer Super Trust (Corporate Super Division) Corporate master trust
Sunsuper Industry fund
Colonial First State — FirstChoice Personal Super Personal master trust
Plum Superannuation Fund Employer Division Corporate master trust
BT SuperWrap Personal Super Plan (BT Badged) Personal master trust
ASGARD Superannuation Account Personal master trust
MLC MasterKey Business Super Corporate master trust
HOST-PLUS Industry fund
Navigator Personal Retirement Plan — Superannuation Service Personal master trust
Macquarie Super Manager Personal master trust
Integra Retirement Plan — Superannuation Personal master trust
SUMMIT Master Trust Personal Super Plan Personal master trust
ING Corporate Super Corporate master trust
MasterKey Custom Superannuation Fund Personal master trust
ANZ Super Advantage — Personal Personal master trust
ASGARD Employee Superannuation Account Corporate master trust
PortfolioCare — Super Service Corporate master trust
Colonial First State — FirstChoice Employer Super Corporate master trust
Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan Personal master trust

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Source:, December 2005.

New low-cost entrants such as max Super and Virgin Superannuation also use indexing as their core approach (see Table 3 below).

New super index funds
Fund name Manager Management
(% pa)
Entry (%) Exit (%) Switching (%) Buy/sell differential (%) Phone
max Super (a) Barclays Global Investors Australia 1 Nil Nil Nil Max 0.25% 1300 883 629
Virgin Superannuation (b) Macquarie Funds Management 1 Nil Nil Nil Max 0.25% 1300 855 040

Table 3 notes

(a) You can invest in the Living Large or Slow and Steady funds, which differ in the proportions of cash, Australian and international fixed interest, listed property, Australian and international share index funds they hold. Alternatively you can choose your own proportions of these asset classes in each of max Super’s Growth Assets or Income Assets funds.

(b) You can choose your preferred mix of index funds, which track the performance of cash, Australian and international fixed interest (bonds), listed property and Australian and international shares.

Source: CHOICE Money & Rights research based on Product Disclosure Statements available at January 2006.

This article last reviewed March 2006