Independent and trusted investigations and guides to investment products, options and funds.


CHOICE guide to margin loans

Borrowing to invest can make your money work harder but it's a risky strategy in a volatile market.

7 Feb 2008 | The margin loan is secured against the investment you make with it and/or other investments you have.


Ethical investing guide

You might be surprised where some ethical and sustainable funds invest your money.

26 Aug 2007 | State governments' super funds are investing millions of dollars of their employees’ super in gambling, cigarette and oil companies?


Managed funds buying guide

Want to invest your money but not sure where to start? A managed fund might be what you’re after.

20 Feb 2007 | Based on the type of fund you choose (for example: shares, property and/or cash), the fund manager decides which assets to invest in.


Index fund comparisons

We compare Australian share index funds and profile a low-cost Exchange Traded Fund.

6 Mar 2006 | Index funds are the most cost-effective way to get investment returns reflecting (before fees).

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