Independent and trusted analysis of the 2014-15 federal Budget.

Health care costs doctor holds piggy bank

Budget cuts to health spending explained

Spending cuts to health from the 2014 Budget are likely to hit anyone who gets sick.

21 May 2014 | The new Budget is set to change the face of healthcare in Australia. CHOICE analyses what it will mean for Australians.

Budget winners and losers

2014 Budget winners and losers

The 2014 Budget will prove a painful one for many Australian consumers.

13 May 2014 | With students, young families, professionals and pensioners all in the federal Budget's sights, who comes out on top and who is worse off?

Federal budget financial scales

2014 Federal Budget wrap-up

How will consumers be affected by this year's Federal Budget?

13 May 2014 | We analyse the impact of this year's Federal Budget on the hip pockets of families, students, higher income earners and older Australians.


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