Independent and trusted tests, reviews and comparisons of health insurance, travel insurance, life and income protection insurance.


Insurance comparison sites

Looking for a new health, car, or home insurance policy? CHOICE's review of comparison websites reveals some hidden catches.

22 Aug 2013 | Looking for a new health, car, or home insurance policy? CHOICE's review of comparison websites reveals some hidden catches.

commission rebate schemes

Commission rebate schemes

With health insurance premiums on the increase, switching to a commission rebate service may put some money back in your pocket.

24 Apr 2013 | Rebate services return a portion of the commission made on the purchase of insurance policies that would have otherwise gone to a broker to you.


Guide to switching health insurers

Have you been slugged by the recent rise in premiums? It might be time to review your cover, switch and save.

27 Mar 2013 | As health insurance premiums go up, now’s a good time to check that the amount you’re paying is justified by what you’re getting in return.


Health insurance satisfaction survey

Pre-pay health insurance and save.

22 Apr 2012 | From July 1, health insurance premiums will increase for high-income earners. Pre-pay your annual premium now and any rebate reductions will only apply in 12 months time.


Credit card travel insurance reviews

Can you trust the complimentary travel insurance that comes with your credit card? We decipher the small print.

13 Dec 2011 | Many gold and platinum credit cards offer travel insurance, but the cover can vary.

Diamond ring

Insuring jewellery

It's traumatic enough losing your jewellery without having to worry about insurance problems as well.

17 Oct 2011 | It’s a good idea to check your contents insurance policy to make sure you have the right cover in case your jewellery gets stolen.

Junk Insurance

Unnecessary insurance policies

There are some insurance policies you can definitely live without.

13 Aug 2011 | We expose the top five types of junk insurance and suggest some smarter alternatives.

Father and son

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance can help cover your ability to earn an income.

4 May 2011 | CHOICE teamed up with Rice Warner Actuaries to evaluate agreed, indemnity and superannuation policies.


Private health insurance buying guide

Find out how to find a better policy and save.

28 Jan 2009 | Broadly speaking, you can choose hospital cover and extras/ancillary cover. These are available separately or combined.


Travel insurance buying guide

Are you paying too much to insure your holidays? Here's how to find a good deal on travel insurance.

1 May 2008 | This article helps you decide on insurance for international travel, tells you about cover and exclusions and gives tips about how you can save money.

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