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Travel insurance alcohol exclusions

Does travel insurance cover you if you've had a drink?

9 Dec 2014 | We might enjoy relaxing with a drink on holidays but most travel insurance policies say they won't pay if you're under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Are there ever any exceptions?


Travel insurance review

How do you get the right travel insurance without having to book a second holiday to get over the headache of buying travel insurance for the first one?

12 Nov 2014 | We compare over 80 travel insurance policies from 30 insurers offering cover for backpackers, singles, couples, families and seniors. Check our recommendations to find the best travel insurance policy for you.


Funeral insurance

One funeral insurer has answered the call of consumer groups and released a fairer insurance policy.

10 Nov 2014 | Funeral insurance purchased too early can end up costing more than the costs of the funeral itself.

closed health funds

Cheap health cover - members only

Check if you can join a restricted membership health insurance fund – they deliver top policies at lower prices.

7 Nov 2014 | Restricted health funds are open to former and current employees and their families working in many industries from defence, forestry, electricity, transport and steel workers to bank, health and education workers.

Family playing soccer on a beach

Health insurance comparisons

We cut through health insurance jargon to help you decide what’s best for your budget.

30 Jun 2014 | We review 20 open funds in Australia, with recommendations to suit a variety of people in different life stages.


Pet insurance reviews

We review pet insurance and compare 17 pet insurers in Australia to reveal the best.

4 Apr 2014 | Pet insurance reviews from CHOICE not only reveal the best value cover but also expose common traps.

Home warranty insurance is not so sweet.

Home warranty insurance

Home owners find little value for money when it comes to home warranty insurance.

6 Mar 2014 | Home warranty insurance is supposed to protect homeowners from incompetent builders, but it doesn’t do much to protect against unscrupulous ones.

Extras health insurance

Should you drop extras health insurance?

Private health insurance is increasingly expensive and your extras health insurance may not give you value for money

28 Feb 2014 | Extras health insurance is meant to help with smaller ongoing costs, such as a dental check-up or new glasses or contact lenses. But how much does it really help?

Mental health and insurance

Mental health and insurance

Is the insurance industry missing the mark when it comes to mental health risks?

6 Feb 2014 | The insurance industry’s indiscriminate approach to risk assessment around mental health can mean the denial of cover, higher premiums or rejected claims, even if the illness is under control.

Life insurance application form

Life insurance

How to make sure you're financially prepared should the worst happen.

25 Oct 2013 | It’s more important than ever to know how much you’re paying for life insurance and what you'll get in return. We look at term life insurance policies from 15 insurers and 10 large industry super funds.

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