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02.Satisfaction survey results

Some of the best health care funds for customer satisfaction are closed ones.

When we asked 2558 CHOICE members to rate their health fund, closed membership funds – those that restrict their membership to specific industries such as police, doctors, transport, electricity, forestry, timber and paper industries and contractors – performed significantly better as a group than open funds. The trouble is, not everyone is eligible. 

The most popular closed membership funds with survey respondents were, in order of popularity:
  1. Teachers Health Fund – education union members
  2. Defence Health – Australian Defence Force or Reserve and defence-related government departments and businesses
  3. CBHS Health – current and former employees of the Commonwealth Bank 
All three rated significantly better than average for overall satisfaction in hospital and extras cover. Closed funds usually score highly in our health insurance analyses too, due to their low premiums and high benefits. If you’re eligible to join one, it’s well worth thinking about. 

At the other end of the scale, Medibank Private and BUPA scored significantly worse than average for overall satisfaction for hospital and extras cover, and NIB scored significantly worse for hospital cover (Australian Unity also performed poorly but had comparatively fewer responses). 


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Using the table Highlighted results are significantly better (green) or worse (red) than average results.
NOTES * Percentage of respondents answering “excellent” or “very good” when asked how satisfied they are with their health insurer. We only used results for companies where we had at least 30 responses. ^ Performed poorly but had comparatively fewer responses and so is not significantly different.

Poor value for money 

Our survey reveals a potential reason why the government needs the carrot and stick approach to keep Australians in private health cover. When it comes to rating value for money, only 37% of respondents indicated their hospital cover offers excellent or very good value for money. Only 32% said the same for their extras cover. 

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