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Independent and trusted guides, reviews and comparisons to help you choose the right home loan, understand different mortgage products and avoid mortgage stress.


Mortgage stress: your alternatives

Are tougher economic times squeezing your household budget? Know your options and rights if you're struggling to make mortgage repayments.

3 Feb 2009 | In this report, we explain a range of options available if you’re experiencing mortgage difficulties.

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Home loans: switch and save

Find the best mortgage. Here's how to save thousands on your home loan.

2 Oct 2008 | The best savings were achieved by switching to a credit union or an online subsidiary of a major bank – and you can’t get any of those loans through mortgage brokers.

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How to choose a home loan

Use our tips to negotiate the mortgage maze.

19 May 2008 | For some people, flexibility and peace of mind are important, and there are a range of home loan options that offer such benefits.


Using mortgage brokers

How to avoid the traps and get the most from a mortgage broker when shopping around for a home loan.

21 Apr 2008 | If brokers’ advertisements and claims are to be believed, they’re the answer for anyone seeking a loan to suit their circumstances.


Fast-track your mortgage

The best way to own your home sooner is to get a cheap loan and make higher payments, more often.

1 Mar 2008 | Extra repayments can have a huge effect. Our case studies were amazed at how modest extra payments could save tens of thousands in interest.


Reverse mortgage shadow shop

Our shadow shop revealed poor advice and information from reverse mortgage sellers.

27 Feb 2007 | Originally reverse mortgages were sold directly by the lender, but in the last few years mortgage brokers have started to offer these products.

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