Credit cards

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Westpac's unsolicited debit card churn

It’s almost always against the law for banks and other financial institutions to send unsolicited credit and debit cards to consumers.

18 Dec 2009 | The regulator claimed that Westpac breached the The Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 by sending unsolicited debit cards to consumers, but the Federal Court has taken a different view.

Credit charges

Sky high credit surcharges

Airlines are charging customers disproportionate credit card booking fees.

18 Sep 2009 | For a merchant, the average cost to process a customer’s MasterCard or Visa credit card payment is less than 1% of the value of the transaction. But some airlines charge much higher fees.

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Dont get bitten by the card sharks

The cash rate has fallen dramatically, yet banks are failing to pass on the savings to consumers and have hiked up credit card interest rates.

11 Jun 2009 | At a time when more people are struggling with debt and relying on credit to see them through, banks are nudging up credit card interest rates.

Reward cards

Reward cards review 2009

CHOICE crunches the numbers to find the most rewarding cards for frequent flyer, shopping and cash rewards.

19 Mar 2009 | We analysed 63 reward credit and charge cards, looking at frequent flyer points, shopping vouchers and cash rewards.

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Credit protection insurance sham

Credit protection insurance makes an easy dollar for lenders and insurers, but for consumers there are far smarter options.

2 Mar 2009 | Our investigation concludes that credit protection insurance is a rip-off, as other options give you far better and cheaper cover.

Credit cards

Guide to choosing a credit card

Choosing the wrong type of credit card can end up costing you a fortune in interest.

15 Nov 2000 | Some cards charge 18% to 20% annually, while others charge interest rates below 10%, so it's well worth shopping around.

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