CHOICE - Borrowing and trusted tests and investigations of your credit cards, mortgage and managing debt. Copyright 2015, 02 Feb 2015 11:13:41 GMTMoneyProblems with payday loans

The latest payday loan legislation is a step forward, but it may not go far enough.

BorrowingWed, 06 Aug 2014 12:43:00 GMT
First home saver accounts abolished

First home buyers have it harder than ever before. Now the first home saver account has been cut.

BorrowingThu, 15 May 2014 11:58:00 GMT
Mortgage tips

We give you tips and advice for what you need to know before taking out a new mortgage or switching mortgages, and explain how your mortgage is funded.

BorrowingTue, 25 Jun 2013 17:00:00 GMT
Fretting about mortgage debt?

We look into the trend of a rising debt-to-income ratio in Australia. What's behind it, and what can you do to minimise your own mortgage debt?

BorrowingFri, 12 Apr 2013 10:00:00 GMT
Crackdown on credit card surcharges

As of 18 March, surcharges applied to credit cards will be capped at a reasonable cost for the retailer.

BorrowingThu, 07 Mar 2013 09:28:00 GMT
Credit card ageism

In what appears to be a widespread pattern, self-funded retirees are having their credit card applications knocked back.

BorrowingThu, 15 Nov 2012 11:23:00 GMT
Consolidating your debt

By using a debt consolidation business you could end up paying more in the long run than you would dealing directly with the creditors.

BorrowingFri, 22 Jun 2012 09:57:00 GMT
Home loan fact sheet shadow shop

While most of the institutions we visited do provide key fact sheets on their websites, overall it seems that bank staff have little or no idea the fact sheets even exist.

BorrowingSun, 19 Feb 2012 07:42:00 GMT
Refinancing your home loan

Switch and save and take a fresh look at the interest rates on your home loan. We take you through the basics and present some easy options to put you on the fast track to a better deal.

BorrowingFri, 16 Sep 2011 11:53:00 GMT
Inflated surcharges

Retailers are increasingly imposing surcharges on credit card transactions – but the RBA may finally be taking action.

BorrowingThu, 09 Jun 2011 15:11:00 GMT
How to cope with interest rate increases

The RBA increased interest rates by 0.25% in April 2010.

BorrowingTue, 06 Apr 2010 15:00:00 GMT
Balance transfer credit cards

It may give you a breather, but it could also lead you to one of the worst traps set by card companies.

BorrowingMon, 22 Mar 2010 14:49:00 GMT
Australian credit cards fail UK standards uk-standards.aspx

We compared our banks' standard practices with consumer protection for UK credit card customers, and found Australian consumers are treated far less fairly.

BorrowingMon, 22 Mar 2010 13:44:00 GMT
Jetstar MasterCard review

Following in the footsteps of major retailers Myer, Woolworths and David Jones, Jetstar has launched its own branded MasterCard and Platinum MasterCard.

BorrowingTue, 09 Feb 2010 15:00:00 GMT
Which credit card for you?

CHOICE reveals which providers are bucking this trend to treat their customers fairly.

BorrowingMon, 25 Jan 2010 00:30:00 GMT
Westpac's unsolicited debit card churn

The regulator claimed that Westpac breached the The Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001 by sending unsolicited debit cards to consumers, but the Federal Court has taken a different view.

BorrowingFri, 18 Dec 2009 11:25:00 GMT
Reward cards review 2009

We analysed 63 reward credit and charge cards, looking at frequent flyer points, shopping vouchers and cash rewards.

BorrowingThu, 19 Mar 2009 10:49:00 GMT