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Conditions for zero monthly fee ($)
No overdrawn account or dishonour penalty fees
Unlimited free own ATM network withdrawals
Unlimited free BPAY, EFTPOS, Pay Anyone
Unlimited free branch deposits and withdrawals

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Monthly fee ($)Conditions for zero monthly fee ($)Interest rate (annual %)Own ATM withdrawal feeOther ATM network withdrawal feeDirect debit feeBPAY feePay Anyone feeDirect credit fee (incoming payment)Branch cash withdrawal feeBranch cash deposit feeBranch cheque deposit feeDebit card fee (annual)EFTPOS transaction feePhone banking transfer (between your accounts) feePhone banking transfer (to an another bank) feePhone banking BPAY transaction feeCheque book availableCheque book feeFee per cheque writtenAccount overdrawn penaltyAccount overdrawn - more detailsPeriodical Payment insufficient funds penaltyCheque dishonour penalty (outward)Direct debit dishonour penaltyDeposited cheques returned dishonoured penaltyOther information - penalty feesDebit card currency conversion fee (%)Overseas debit card ATM withdrawal fee ($)Overseas Eftpos purchase feeNumber of free transactions per monthFee Rebates providedPeriodical payment arranged online (fee per transaction)Periodical payment arranged in branch (fee per transaction)Own ATM network coverageBalance enquiry (own ATM)Branch accessDebit MasterCard or Visa Debit card availableEveryday banking customer satisfaction score (CHOICE Oct 2009)Good pointsBad pointsWebsiteBest buyNo conditions for zero monthly feeNo overdrawn account or dishonour penalty feesUnlimited free own ATM network withdrawalsUnlimited free BPAY, EFTPOS, Pay AnyoneUnlimited free branch deposits and withdrawals
0None0NoYesPenalties applyYesYesYes
0None5.3NoYesPenalties applyYesNoNo
52500 minimum balance, or Australian Central Home Loan, or aged under 18 or over 550NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
0Aged over 552.55% (0 to 41,999); 3.6% (42,000 or more)NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
5500 minimum balance0.1% (1000-49,999); 0.25% (50,000 or more)NoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
42000 minimum balance0.01NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
51000 minimum balance0.01NoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
5Minimum deposit of 2000 or BankSA home loan repayment automatically deducted from this account0NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
02000 minimum deposit4% (up to 5,000), 0% (over 5,000)NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
02000 minimum deposit0NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
61000 minimum balance0.01NoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0.01NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
0A monthly fee may be charged on inactive accounts where the balance is less than 500. An account becomes an inactive account when no customer-initiated transactions are made on the account for six complete consecutive months5.51 bonus rate until 30 June 2010, if customers make at least one deposit and no withdrawals each monthNoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0NoYesPenalties applyYesYesYes
0None0.05NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0.01 to 0.5NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0.20% (1,000-50,000)NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0.05 (up to 24,999)NoYesPenalties applyYesNoYes
02000 minimum opening balance0.05-3NoNoPenalties applyYesYesNo
62000 minimum balance0NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
52000 minimum balanceObtain from branchNoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
53000 minimum balanceNoNoPenalties applyYesNoNo
0None0.25% (up to 3,000); 3.5% (over 3,000)NoYesPenalties applyNoNoYes
0None0.50% (up to 50,000)NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
0None0.01NoNoPenalties applyNoNoNo
5Minimum deposit of 500 or minimum balance of 5000.05NoNoPenalties applyYesNoNo
0None0.05NoYesPenalties applyNoNoNo
5Minimum deposit of 2000 or St George home loan repayment automatically deducted from this account0NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
0None0NoYesPenalties applyYesYesYes
5Members who fall into various categories (see website www.teacherscreditunion.com.au/Accounts/Direct Charging and fee changes/Access fee exemptions.aspx ) are exempt from the monthly fee0.01% (up to 9,999), 0.05% (10,000-49,999), 0.10% (50,000 and over)NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
52000 minimum monthly deposit0NoNoPenalties applyYesYesYes
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