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Independent and trusted reviews and comparisons of savings accounts and financial software and guides to budgeting and saving money.

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Switch financial providers and save

Worried you're paying too much on banking, credit cards or insurance?

15 Feb 2008 | For most of us, minimising the cost of 'staple' financial services like bank accounts and insurance is important. Here's how to save.


High interest savings accounts guide

Traditional and internet savings accounts compared.

15 Jan 2008 | If you've got money parked in an everyday transaction account paying next to nothing interest, you could be earning much more by switching to an account with a better rate.

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Ins and outs of direct debits

More and more merchants offer incentives if you pay via direct debit. We tell you how to avoid the pitfalls.

17 Apr 2007 | A direct debit is a transfer of control to a third party so it's important to read the agreement carefully before you sign it.

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Find your lost savings and super

Find your unclaimed super, lost bank account or insurance policy - for free.

30 Jan 2007 | An estimated one-in-three working Australians have lost contact with their super accounts. If you changed your job, address or name recently and forgot to tell the fund, you could be one of them.


How to pick the right bank account

Get yourself the right bank account and save hundreds of dollars a year.

4 Jan 2006 | When shopping for a bank account it’s difficult to know whether to go for one with up-front fees or take the risk that you won’t exceed your rebate or free transaction limit.

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