CHOICE - General health and trusted CHOICE investigations into health conditions, medicines and health practitioners from CHOICE Austraila. Copyright 2014, 21 Dec 2014 03:29:29 GMTFood and healthEmbarrassing (but common) conditions

From jock itch to hemorrhoids, incontinence to bad breath, we all suffer from embarrassing bodies. CHOICE looks at the causes and treatments of embarrassing conditions.

General healthThu, 20 Nov 2014 16:14:00 GMT
Zoomies review

OK, so $30 may not seem like a lot of money, but there are plenty of better things to spend it on than Zoomies.

General healthTue, 04 Nov 2014 16:03:00 GMT
Cosmetic surgery tourism

Should you go offshore to save some bucks on your cosmetic procedure, or are there too many risks?

General healthWed, 01 Oct 2014 11:42:00 GMT
Electronic cigarettes

They’re marketed as a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer alternative to regular combustible cigarettes, but not everyone is convinced e-cigarettes are the answer.

General healthThu, 31 Jul 2014 09:45:00 GMT
Foods and medications that don’t mix

Eating particular foods when you’re taking some medication can reduce the effectiveness of your drugs or even be bad for your health.

General healthWed, 16 Jul 2014 16:46:00 GMT
Managing osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a major cause of pain and disability affecting more than one in three people over 60. There is no cure, apart from joint replacement surgery, but it can be managed.

General healthFri, 04 Jul 2014 10:05:00 GMT
Pain relief drugs: Panadol and Nurofen

Panadol and Nurofen are responsible half the sales of pain relief drugs in Australia. But when it comes to their active ingredients - paracetamol and ibuprofen - a generic brand is just as good.

General healthThu, 12 Jun 2014 09:30:00 GMT
Know your body numbers

Prevention is the best medicine, and that includes keeping an eye on key indicators of your health like weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.

General healthThu, 22 May 2014 16:40:00 GMT
Alternative medicines

If you're getting over flu season, supplements can seem like a quick way to better health. Are they, though?

General healthThu, 03 Apr 2014 16:58:00 GMT
Chemicals in clothing

While product safety is a hot legislative topic in other countries, it isn’t in in Australia.

General healthMon, 24 Mar 2014 16:19:00 GMT
Direct-to-consumer health screening

Some health-screening services promise early detection of serious disease, but may instead result in unnecessary worry or false reassurance.

General healthTue, 18 Mar 2014 18:25:00 GMT
Organ donation

It's not enough to sign a register or a tick a box to signal your intent, it's important to talk to your family about your wishes.

General healthMon, 30 Dec 2013 12:56:00 GMT
Health facts and fiction

Read these widely held notions about everything from diet and exercise, to air travel and antioxidants.

General healthSat, 28 Dec 2013 12:10:00 GMT
Healthy ageing

The key to independent living and quality of life is good health, and it’s never too soon to start thinking about it.

General healthFri, 27 Dec 2013 12:09:00 GMT
Travel health guide

The last thing you need to worry about on a trip is illness. Here's how to keep safe and healthy while you're travelling.

General healthWed, 18 Dec 2013 14:58:00 GMT
Dubious pharmacy products

From the dubious to the downright ineffective, CHOICE visits the high-profile offenders to find out more.

General healthFri, 06 Dec 2013 10:09:00 GMT
Blood pressure monitor reviews

One in seven Australian adults suffer from some form of high blood pressure. If you’re one of them, monitoring your condition regularly at home with a blood pressure monitor can be useful.

General healthSun, 24 Nov 2013 10:50:00 GMT
Secret ingredient: chemicals in cleaners

It’s not easy to find out exactly what’s in that household multipurpose cleaner, and if it’s safe, as manufacturers aren’t required to include ingredients on the label and many chemicals permitted for use in Australia have never been tested.

General healthWed, 20 Nov 2013 16:39:00 GMT
Online optical stores

Our shadow shop found you can end up with the wrong prescription from an online store, or frames and lenses that don’t fit.

General healthMon, 04 Nov 2013 11:11:00 GMT
Surviving hospital: infections

Hospital-acquired infections can have serious consequences, including repeat surgery – or even fatalities – and cost Australia $1bn a year. CHOICE checks up on the situation.

General healthWed, 23 Oct 2013 18:50:00 GMT
Doctor No

An apple a day keeps the doctor away - but what does the doctor keep away from? CHOICE finds out what 17 health professionals advise against.

General healthThu, 10 Oct 2013 17:24:00 GMT
Tattoo removal

The tool of choice for tattoo removal these days is a laser - a technology which can and has caused burns and permanent scars on tattoo removal patients. But that doesn't mean you're required to have any medical training to use one.

General healthTue, 08 Oct 2013 00:30:00 GMT
Hayfever treatment

There are several types of medication available over-the-counter or by prescription for the treatment of symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, congestion, itchy throat and burning eyes. Which work best?

General healthTue, 01 Oct 2013 16:30:00 GMT
Pregnancy supplements

Most pregnant women take supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other alternative medicines. While some are useful, others can do more harm than good.

General healthTue, 23 Jul 2013 10:53:00 GMT
Cough, cold and flu treatments

Learn how to prevent and effectively treat your common cold and flu symptoms.

General healthFri, 28 Jun 2013 11:49:00 GMT
Contraception options expert guide

CHOICE's health experts compare contraceptive options available in Australia, including long-acting reversible methods, hormonal injections, IUD, the pill and emergency contraception.

General healthThu, 13 Jun 2013 09:44:00 GMT
Endocrine disrupting chemicals

Learn how to identify and avoid common chemicals in everyday products that could be doing you harm.

General healthThu, 23 May 2013 15:19:00 GMT
Prescription medicine

We reveal how the price of prescription medicines in Australia compares to that in other countries.

General healthWed, 08 May 2013 11:21:00 GMT
Migraine and headache pain relief

If you’re concerned about overusing painkillers, there are some effective alternatives.

General healthThu, 18 Apr 2013 10:46:00 GMT
Saving on hearing aids

One in six Australians suffers hearing loss, but top-end aids can cost a small fortune. We've surveyed the market to find out how and where you can save.

General healthWed, 20 Feb 2013 15:07:00 GMT

Treatments for anxiety may include psychological therapies, medication and self-help.

General healthFri, 01 Feb 2013 14:40:00 GMT
Sunglasses buying guide

How important are sunglasses to your health and what do you need to look for?

General healthSun, 21 Oct 2012 15:11:00 GMT
Can a chiropractor replace your GP?

As with all medical practices, there are risks involved with chiropractic. So do the benefits for children outweigh the risks?

General healthThu, 23 Aug 2012 15:46:00 GMT
Online health tests

We've selected online health tests from reputable sources to help determine your current health status and future health risks.

General healthFri, 22 Jun 2012 09:41:00 GMT

We look at the different types of diabetes, as well as pre-diabetes, and the latest research into causes and prevention.

General healthTue, 08 May 2012 14:31:00 GMT
Dishing up on cancer

Information about foods and drinks that could cause cancer is continually updated. We bring you the latest.

General healthThu, 26 Apr 2012 11:15:00 GMT
Guide to online health advice

With colds and flus upon us, who can you trust to give you reliable information online? We give you the low-down.

General healthWed, 14 Mar 2012 13:48:00 GMT
Hip replacement surgery

Given the recall of faulty hip replacement devices implanted in thousands of patients, we tell you what you need to know before surgery.

General healthFri, 09 Mar 2012 16:46:00 GMT
Mental health professionals

Mental health therapists can help people with problems ranging from depression, anxiety or grief to schizophrenia and other psychoses.

General healthMon, 13 Feb 2012 11:29:00 GMT
Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency has been described as a pandemic. We explain if you're at risk, and what you can do to get enough.

General healthWed, 18 Jan 2012 13:50:00 GMT
New Year resolution traps

We look at common New Year resolutions such as joining the gym, giving up smoking or saving money.

General healthWed, 04 Jan 2012 10:56:00 GMT
The rise of dental tourism

Australian consumers are increasingly looking to overseas dental treatment in order to save money on their dental bills.

General healthMon, 21 Nov 2011 09:10:00 GMT
Fighting dementia

Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in Australians aged 65 years or older. It's predicted that by 2050 it will affect one million Australians.

General healthThu, 01 Sep 2011 14:19:00 GMT
Pregnancy multivitamins

There are plenty of specialist multivitamin on the market for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Can they be beneficial, or are they just a gimmick?

General healthThu, 01 Sep 2011 09:30:00 GMT
Sleep deprivation

As Australians adopt busier lifestyles, we’re also becoming more sleep deprived. CHOICE outlines why you may need more zzzzs.

General healthThu, 11 Aug 2011 09:30:00 GMT
Medical imaging

From radiation risks to gap payments, CHOICE explores answers the questions about imaging technologies, including x-rays and CTs.

General healthThu, 07 Jul 2011 11:14:00 GMT
Alternative diagnostics

Some diagnostic tests offered by natural therapists are unreliable or just plain nonsense. CHOICE investigates some common ones.

General healthWed, 29 Jun 2011 12:16:00 GMT
Better chemical regulation

More than 80 chemicals and pesticides no longer registered for use in Europe are available for every day agricultural and veterinary use in Australia.

General healthFri, 17 Jun 2011 16:03:00 GMT
Travel vaccinations

If you're travelling off the beaten track, you need the right advice on travel vaccinations.

General healthWed, 13 Apr 2011 14:28:00 GMT

Fortunately, a range of effective and affordable treatments is available, ranging from talking therapies to certain drugs, and may be more affordable than you imagine.

General healthFri, 15 Oct 2010 10:15:00 GMT
Discount medicines

Our CHOICE price comparison shows dramatic savings on both prescription and non-prescription medicines, depending on which pharmacy you shop at.

General healthThu, 03 Jun 2010 15:46:00 GMT
Screening tests tests.aspx

To help decide which tests are worth taking, it's helpful to understand the criteria the public health system uses to assess possible screening tests. Many tests detect diseases before your symptoms occur.

General healthWed, 31 Mar 2010 11:15:00 GMT
Doctor/patient relationships

Had a lousy experience with a doctor? We look at some of the main bugbears and doctors' patient-from-hell stories.

General healthWed, 10 Mar 2010 09:30:00 GMT
Choosing a nursing home guide

Most of us don’t want to think about nursing home care while we’re still relatively healthy and independent; we tend to leave it until an emergency forces us to face the issue, utterly unprepared.

General healthTue, 22 Aug 2006 16:10:00 GMT