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Electric blanket reviews

We tested 18 electric blankets in the CHOICE labs, including models from Breville, Kambrook, Sunbeam and more.
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01 .Introduction


We review 18 electric blankets, priced from $50 to $345.

Our testing can help you to:

  • Decide what to buy
  • Compare the results and features of the models tested
  • Find out what to look for.
Getting into a warm bed is a welcome experience for many of us during the winter months, especially in the colder areas of Australia. And if you don’t already own one, you may find yourself rushing out to buy an electric blanket in time for the chill.
Winter is a risky season for house fires. While most occur in the kitchen, if electric blankets aren’t used correctly they too have can potentially start a blaze. The ACCC issues recalls of electric blankets from time to time; some blankets currently on their recall list include some models of the:

  • Aldi Lumina Electric Blanket
  • Abode and Living Essentials Electric Blankets (Big W)
  • Sunbeam Heritage and Regency Electric Blankets
  • Homemaker Electric Blanket (Kmart)
  • Linda Electric Blankets
The recalls relate to the cord between the controller and blanket that may become fatigued, resulting in short circuiting or overheating. For more information, visit the ACCC alert to be winter safe or the recalls page

For more information on Bedding, see Living and bedroom.

Brands and models tested

  • Abode BA212 (A) (B)
  • Breville Fitted Electric Blanket BZB510MY #
  • Goldair Queen Flat Electric Blanket GST-Q #
  • Heller Queen Fitted Electric Blanket EBQF #
  • Jason CEBJAS1 (A)
  • Kambrook Snugasabug Fitted Electric Blanket KEB433 #
  • Kambrook Snugasabug Tiw-Down Electric Blanket KEB332
  • Kambrook Snugasabug Fitted Electric Blanket KEB533 
  • Klikk by Onkaparinga Quilted CEBKLIG
  • Klikk by Onkaparinga Traditional Fitted CEBKLIF
  • Lincraft EB152QBLC (A)
  • Sunbeam Dreamland Fitted Electric Blanket BL5751D #
  • Sunbeam Kingsley Fitted Electric Blanket BL435K #
  • Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Electric Blanket BL5151 #
  • Sunbeam BL3451 (A)
  • Sunbeam Fleecy BL4958 (A)
  • Sunbeam Quilted BL4755 (A)
  • Target Fitted Electric Blanket BA5151T #
# Newly tested
(A) Discontinued.
(B) Some batch numbers of this model have been recalled.

How we test

Performance Our tester, Matthew Tung, measures energy use and takes thermal images to see how well the blankets distribute heat.

Electric blanket rig Matthew runs the blankets through our electric blanket rig, which simulates 2000 turns of the blanket, and looks for breakages in the wiring. They typically pass this test, so this time we spot-checked only four electric blankets on the rig.

Ease of use We check how easy the blankets are to fit to a bed, assess the controls and how easy the blankets are to clean – whether the controls can be detached and if the blankets can be washed and dried in a dryer.

Running costs Matthew calculates the running costs based on a 92-day period for winter. He measures the manufacturer’s recommended pre-heat period, then sets the blanket to its lowest setting for eight hours. The energy result is then calculated at 26c/kWh.


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