Microfibre cleaning mitts review

Is microfibre cleaning the way forward?
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  • Updated:9 Mar 2005

02.The trial


We tested three widely known brands of microfibre cleaning mitts: ENJO, OATES and SABCO. Each brand has a range of microfibre products for dusting and cleaning the kitchen, floors and cars, among other things, but for the purpose of this trial we looked at bathroom mitts only.


We recruited 34 trialists, and each was randomly allocated two brands to test, each for a two-week period. Each brand was tested at least 22 times.

The survey asked trialists to use each mitt on the main bathroom surfaces (mirror, shower screen, basin, bath, tiles), and no other cleaning products were used to clean these surfaces during the trial period. Mitts were used and cared for according to the product instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Trialists rated how well the mitts performed, how they compared to their usual cleaning method, and outlined what they liked or disliked about the mitts.

Where to buy them

Both OATES and SABCO mitts are widely available in major supermarkets, but you have to order ENJO mitts through a consultant. To arrange a demonstration go to www.enjo.com.au


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