Freestanding oven reviews

We review seven 90cm wide freestanding electric ovens with gas cooktops, priced between $2000 and $4000.
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  • Updated:5 Sep 2014

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Price ($)Price and BuyOverall scoreOven performance (%)Cooktop performance (%)Oven ease of use (%)Cooktop ease of use (%)Claimed external dimensions (cm, HxWxD)Grilling Toast (%)Scones (%)Meringues (%)Roast Chicken (%)Pizza (%)Rice (%)White sauce (%)Stir-frying (%)OriginOven running costs ($)Internal dimensions (cm, HxWxD)Measured internal volume (L)Shelves and traysTelescopic runnersSelf Cleaning LinersSmokeless grill trayWarming and storage drawerClockTimerBottom element onlyFan forcedFan assistFan grillGrill onlyHalf grillDefrostWarm modeFlame failure protectionTrivet typeBurnersClaimed burner rating (MJ/hr)Good pointsBad pointsBrand
WFE914SA22997989817572(910-930) x 895 x 600Westinghouse
OR90SDBGFX336997989867170(897-910) x 897 x 600Fisher and Paykel
HSB738356A31497787846670(845-880) x 898 x 600Bosch
OF901XZ21997581836570(870-940) x 898 x 600Omega
C9GMXA40907589846167(812-912) x 898 x 600 (H excl. 63mmH splashguard)Smeg
DEF905GW22997377855970(900-925) x 900 x 600Delonghi
GE 15320 DX20997278855668(865-920) x 900 x 655Beko

The overall score is made up of oven performance, cooktop performance, oven ease of use, and cooktop ease of use, all equally weighted, that is 25% each.

For details on what makes up each score, see How we test below.

Measured internal space is calculated from measurements of the deepest tray or shelf in the lowest position to the grill element, side wall to side wall, and the rear wall to the door.

For more details see Internal space under What to look for.

Oven running costs are based on using the oven at 170°C for one hour, three times per week for 10 years at 28c/kWh. Where available, the fan-forced function is used; if not, the fan-assist is used.

Price is recommended retail, as of August 2014.

How we test

Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE’s test kitchen, cooks a range of delicious meals to test the ability of the ovens to perform over a range of temperatures, times and functions.


Fiona assesses how well the cooktops can cook a white sauce on low heat setting, their control responsiveness and turn town ability by cooking rice using the absorption method, and their high heat setting with a vegetable and beef stir fry.

• Multi-shelf cooking - scones are baked over two shelves to test how evenly the ovens perform at a high temperature over a short time.
• Low temperature - Meringues are baked to assess cooking ability at a low temperature for a long period.
• Roasting – Fiona roasts a whole chicken to assess baking a non-uniform food at a moderate-to-high temperature over a long period, while retaining moisture and crisping the skin.
• Base cooking - she also cooks a freshly prepared pizza at a very high temperature for a short period to assess the ability to crisp and brown the base and evenly cook the toppings.

Grill Fiona toasts bread to assess the speed, evenness and heating area of each grill in a short time.

Ease of use

Each oven is assessed by comparing the ease of use of the controls, their location, clarity of the labels, using and cleaning the grill and the oven.

For the cooktop, Fiona assesses the stability of the trivets, layout of burners, whether the pots fit comfortably and the stability of pan support, and the controls and labels. She assesses ease of cleaning all interior and exterior surfaces, including shelves, trivets and burners, and whether there are appropriate spill-catchment areas on the hob.