Daewoo Pizza Microwave review

Short on space? A combination microwave pizza grill could be the answer.
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01.Daewoo Pizza Microwave Oven KOD-135P

Please note: this information was current as of April 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 

Price: $350
Pizza ovenContact: www.daewooelectronics.com.au

Good points

  • Good result for cooking frozen pizza.
  • Excellent result for defrosting mince and chicken, cooking fresh pizza and broccoli.
  • Child lock.
  • Controls are self-explanatory.
  • Power save mode.

Bad points

  • Poor result for reheating non-stirrable dish.
  • Poor visibility inside microwave during cooking.
  • Several internal holes where dirt and grease can accumulate.

If you don’t have room for a full-sized oven and don’t want to pay for a convection microwave, the Daewoo Pizza Oven Combo gives you the option of having a grill so you can make a crispier pizza than you’d get in a microwave.

It has a separate compartment above the microwave oven, which has upper and lower grills. A fresh or frozen pizza can be slid into the grill on a solid metal pizza tray which has a plastic handle that folds away for storage.

We put it through a short microwave test and also tried out its pizza-cooking capability with both fresh and frozen pizza.

What we found

The microwave component of the Daewoo Pizza Oven Combo worked well with most of our usual tests, though it had poor heat distribution for reheating a non-stirrable dish.

When we tested the pizza compartment, we encountered a problem. After we put the pizza grill through its frozen pizza test, we removed the pizza and the handle on the tray broke. Even though the pizza was cooked very well, a broken handle is a high price to pay for one pizza. Daewoo claims that the handle may have broken due to over-tightened screws.

We purchased a second sample and retested it. Although the pizza compartment cooked both fresh and frozen pizza well and the handle did not break, our tester still did not feel confident using the handle. If you think the Daewoo Pizza Oven Combo is for you, test the handle in the shop before buying to make sure it feels comfortable for you.

Apart from the pizza tray handle incident, this product is easy to use. We strongly recommend that the manufacturer’s warnings be closely followed and the grill compartment not be used without food in it.

CHOICE verdict

The Pizza Oven Combo is a great idea, though it would be nice to see some work done to make the handle more comfortable for the customer.



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