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Ceramic cooktop reviews

Ceramic cooktops have the looks, and they perform well too.
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01 .Introduction

Ceramic cooktop

We review 19 ceramic cooktops, priced from $639 to $1690.

Through our rigorous testing we reveal which cooktops:

  • perform the best at cooking a range of dishes, and
  • are the easiest to use.

Take a look at How we test, and Brands and models tested for more information.

If you’re after a stylish cooking surface that’s easy to clean, has good cooking performance and a mid-range price tag you’ll be interested in a radiant ceramic cooktop. Coil elements lie under the continuous ceramic surface that has few to no dirt traps. These cooktops might not be as controllable or instantly responsive as gas or induction but they’re generally excellent at low temperatures for sensitive heating such as melting chocolate and are reasonably responsive to heating up or turning down.

Cleaning can often be a real chore with ceramic cooktops but with the right tools it’ll be quick and simple.  

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Think it over

It’s important to consider the position, layout and size of the elements before you buy. Ideally, there should be a range of simmer, medium and large elements that are adequately spaced out so you can use multiple pots at once. If you have the space, rectangular cooktops have this sort of configuration, but if not, square cooktops should have the simmer element at the front so you don’t need to reach over a large element to stir.

Also think about the pots and pans you use – will they fit comfortably over the cooking zone or cause restricted use of the other elements? Cookware should be flat and smooth and the base should match the diameter of the cooking zone to provide good contact with the ceramic cooktop surface. Aluminium and copper-based cookware can leave behind a metallic residue that is difficult to remove.

Brands and models tested

Newly tested models
  • Asko HC1651S
  • Bosch PKN675N14A
  • Blanco BCCK60N
  • Chef EHC647U
  • Delonghi DECH60S
  • Fisher & Paykel CE604DTB1
  • Samsung CTR164NC01
  • Smeg SA911XA
  • Westinghouse PHR395U
  • Westinghouse PHR284U
Previously tested models
  • Blanco BCCT63X
  • Bosch PKE645C14A
  • Delonghi DTCH60B
  • Electrolux EHET66CS
  • Fisher & Paykel CE604CBX1
  • Miele KM 5600
  • Omega OC65TA
  • Smeg SA611XA
  • Westinghouse PHN768U

How we test

Our home economist, Fiona Mair, assesses each cooktop on its cooking performance and ease of use.


  • White sauce measures how well the simmer (smallest) element maintains a low temperature.
  • Rice measures how well the medium burner turns down to low from a high temperature.
  • Stir-fried beef with vegetables assesses the largest burner’s ability to produce continuous high heat.
  • Melting chocolate is a delicate food so this test measures how well the simmer element maintains the lowest temperature.

Ease of use

For ease of use, Fiona considers the positioning of the controls, handling and setting the controls and the marking and labelling of the controls and burner areas. She also makes an assessment on how easy each cooktop is to clean as well as identifying potential dirt traps.


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