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Rangehood reviews

We've tested canopy and retracting rangehoods for both 60cm and 90cm cooktops.
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01 .Introduction


Here, we have test results for 30 canopy and retracting rangehoods priced from $180 to $1599.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which rangehoods:

  • Perform the best at removing steam and odours in ducted and recirculating modes.
  • Are the quietest in either mode.
  • Are the easiest to use.

On this page you'll find:

Which type of rangehood?

When you’re installing a rangehood, one of the first things to decide is whether it will be ducted – with a vent to take steam and odours directly out of the kitchen – or recirculating, where the air is filtered before being vented back into the room.

CHOICE testing has found ducting is the most effective way to clear the air over the cooktop and in the kitchen. Whether in ducted or recirculating mode, there is no obvious performance difference between canopy and retracting models. Take a look at CHOICE's Rangehoods buying guide for more information to guide your purchase decision.

In our latest test we cover 60cm models that can be installed in either ducted or recirculating mode. There is a very large range of 60cm models on the market, so we focus on retracting and canopy models from big brands.

These 60cm rangehoods didn't perform as well as the 90cm canopy models in our previous test. Even though each type is tested over a cooktop of matching size, the elements of a 60cm cooktop tend to be closer to the edges, so more steam can escape at the sides than with the 90cm models. This means scores aren't necessarily comparable between the two tests.

Brands and models tested

All tested models can be installed ducted or recirculating.

60cm rangehoods (canopy and retractable)

  • Blanco BWC6X
  • Westinghouse WRF600CS
  • Chef CS601S
  • Fisher & Paykel HS60CSX2
  • Robinhood RO61SS/WH/80
  • Fisher & Paykel HC60PCHTX2
  • Omega ORT6WXA
  • Robinhood RWV3CL6G
  • Blanco BRS602X
  • Westinghouse WRH608IS

90cm rangehoods (canopy)

  • Baumatic BAH9008G 
  • Blanco BWCE9X
  • Blanco BWC9X 
  • Bosch DKE935AAU (A)
  • Chef CS901S
  • DeLonghi DEBETA90 
  • Electrolux EF935X/A (A)
  • Fisher & Paykel HC90PCHPX1 (A)
  • Fisher & Paykel HC90DCXB1 
  • Fisher & Paykel HC90PCHTX1 
  • Lofra LOH9008G (A)
  • Miele DA 399
  • Miele DA 5990 W 
  • Omega K224X90 (A)
  • Omega OR917CXA 
  • Robinhood RCT900SS (A)
  • Robinhood RHCV9G 
  • Robinhood RWC3CH9SS 
  • Smeg K181V90 
  • Westinghouse WRF900CS

(A) Discontinued.

How we test

Our tester, Peter Horvath, installs the rangehood, following the manufacturer’s instructions, above a ceramic hotplate of the same width (60 cm or 90 cm) with four hobs.

  • Performance He simmers water first in two saucepans, then four. With the fan on both the lowest and highest settings, he assesses how well the rangehood removes steam. He tests all models in ducted and recirculating mode.
  • Noise is measured at each fan setting with a noise level meter 500mm from the front edge of the hood. The readings are taken at the lowest and highest fan settings then averaged.
  • Power output is measured at every fan setting with the lights switched off.
  • Light output is measured by placing a light meter directly on the four hobs and over the four control knobs at the front of the hotplate. Five readings are averaged, and comments made regarding the intensity of the light output.
  • Ease of use assessment consists of how easily the mesh filters can be accessed and cleaned in the kitchen sink, cleaning the exterior surface, ease of using the controls and light intensity.

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