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Wine fridge reviews

We put wine fridges, both large and small, through their paces in our laboratories to find out which are best for your precious drops.
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01 .Introduction

Wood-finish wine fridge on hardwood floor

We review more 12 wine fridges priced from $279 to $4790.

Through our rigorous testing we reveal which wine fridges perform the best. You can use this report to: 

  • find the best wine fridge for you out of 12 models tested
  • discover the ones we recommend
  • check the performance of wine fridges from big brands such as DeLonghi, Eurocave, Grand Cru, Haier, Liebherr and Vintec
  • choose from a selection of different-sized wine fridges, from under-bench to tall full-sized wine cabinets.

On this page:

  • Brands and models tested
  • How we test

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We've reviewed and compared 12 wine fridge models to see which one came out on top.

Models tested

  • DeLonghi DEWC166S
  • DeLonghi DEWC54S
  • EuroCave V-PURE-M
  • Grand Cru GC40
  • Haier JC110GD
  • Haier JC160GD
  • Heller WCH40
  • Liebherr WKb 1712 Barrique
  • Liebherr WKEes 553
  • Palsonic PAL42BWF
  • Vintec V110SGeS3
  • Vintec V30SGeS3

How we test

There is no Australian standard for testing wine fridges, so we've devised a variation of our fridge method to test them based on wine storage ideals of maintaining a temperature of 14C, and used a loaded fridge in all scored tests.
  • Ambient - We check the temperature operation range for the wine fridges' ability to operate in external conditions ranging from 10°C to 40°C.
  • Fluctuations - We measure temperature fluctuations to see if the cabinets can maintain steady temperatures over the short term as the cooling system cycles.
  • Uniformity - Are compartment temperatures generally uniform, without warmer or colder areas?
  • In some of the fridges we test humidity control, though this is less important these days given the proliferation of screw tops.
  • We measure energy consumption to see how your running costs will rack up over 10 years.
  • We measure the vibration of the operating fridge, which is said to have an affect on wine storage. We also measure noise, for those who will be installing their wine fridge in, or close to, living areas.
Quietness / noise

Wine fridges will generally make a combination of noises that some people may find annoying. More noise is produced when the compressor starts up. Some models have an external fan system to help keep the compressor cool, which can add to the noise level. Where the fridge is located will affect what you’ll hear. Our testing has found which models are noisier during normal running, but some of these more unusual noises can be more noticeable with models that are quieter during normal running.

Running costs over 10 years

The running cost is calculated from the energy used over 10 years, using a rate of 26 cents per kilowatt hour. A 10-year period provides a useful indication of the long-term differences between high and low energy usage. Wine fridges are an unregulated product, so their energy use can vary wildly.


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