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The Independent Living Centre, NSW, provided us with the following general guidelines on what to look for in a dishwasher for use by someone with a disability.

Problems with hands or strength

Look for:

  • light doors with latches that are easy to open and close
  • controls that are easy to turn and press
  • baskets that slide in and out easily
  • large, raised dials with a crossbar, but note that dials can be more difficult to use than buttons or keypads if you lack hand strength
  • buttons and keypads that require only a soft touch to activate
  • filters that can easily be removed, cleaned and replaced.

For poor vision

Look for:

  • controls that are easy to read - large, well-spaced and with good contrast, and well-labelled
  • positive feedback such as lights and/or beeps, and other tactile, audio and visual feedback is helpful
  • well-defined baskets - in a contrasting colour.

For someone with dementia

Look for:

  • an audible end-of-cycle signal and fault alarm.
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