Aldi Stirling dishwasher first look

We take a sneak peek at this bargain Aldi dishwasher, which is available for a limited time only.
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01.The details

Aldi dishwasher lead

Price: $299


2 and a half stars out of 5

You may be familiar with Aldi Special buys – products available exclusively through Aldi stores for a very limited amount of time. We’ve reviewed the Stirling dishwasher before it goes on sale on Saturday, 18 May.

First impressions

We were pleasantly surprised by the generally solid finish of this machine. There is no denying it’s made to a low specification but the list of features is on par with some machines costing hundreds of dollars more, and includes:

  • Time-delay start (from one to nineteen hours)
  • Time-to-go display
  • Low rinse-aid and drying indicators
  • Height adjustable top basket
  • Fold down tines in the lower basket (for larger items)

With six different wash programs, it appears to have a suitable cycle for most situations, and the three-year warranty is one of the most generous in the marketplace.


This dishwasher’s claimed energy and water usage figures are impressive, with ratings that place it amongst the more efficient dishwashers we’ve currently tested. Using the “eco” program it achieves 3 stars for energy with a claimed energy consumption of 254 kWh per year, and 4 stars for water with each cycle using just 11.5L of water.

The reality is more disappointing, with efficiency coming at the expense of performance. Our testing of the eco program reveals washing and drying results are well below average. Petr Valouch, our dishwasher testing expert, reported only OK soil removal, and dirt being redeposited onto other items as a result of the low water volumes used.  While there are two less efficient programs available (Intensive & Heavy) that may provide better washing and drying performance, any efficiency savings are likely to be lost.

CHOICE verdict

This product offers a good set of standard features in a solid feeling package at a bargain price. Given the unfamiliarity of the brand in Australia, the three-year warranty is a welcome surprise, particularly in a product at this price. It might make a cost-effective option for those on a tight budget or for an investment property or holiday home. Unfortunately its green credentials, and our overall impression are let down by its only OK performance. If efficiency is a priority and you're willing to spend extra, there are dishwashers available that offer much better performance and comparable efficiency.



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