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  • Updated:25 Aug 2007



Every couple of years CHOICE surveys subscribers about some of the big ticket appliances you rely on daily. This time we received more than 13,000 responses.

Based on your responses, the most reliable appliances are digital cameras and televisions, while the machines most likely to need repairs are dishwashers and lawnmowers.

For three major appliances (washing machines, dishwashers and ovens) BOSCH and MIELE top the reliability list - and our tests show that their models are often among the best performers as well.

Please note: this information was current as of October 2007 but is still a useful guide to today's market. For more recent information, see our Appliance Reliability Survey 2012

Tips when buying

  • Use our reliability results when buying - a bargain isn't a bargain if you're likely to be paying for a lot of repairs
  • Ask about the servicing arrangements - if something goes wrong, especially if you live outside a metropolitan area, ou don't want to have to ship your fridge halfway across the country to get it fixed.
  • If you're buying a brand manufactured overseas, check whether spare parts are readily available in Australia.
  • As soon as you bring a new appliance home, staple the docket, warranty and manual together and put them in an 'appliance file'.
  • If your appliance breaks down after the warranty expires, you may still be entitled to what’s called ‘implied warranty rights’ under the Trade Practices Act, which say manufacturers must provide goods of ‘merchantable quality’ that meet the basic level of quality and performance expected for their price and description. So, for example, if your expensive television breaks down just after its written warranty expires, you may still be entitled to a refund or repair.

Overall appliance reliability

Digital cameras (9122) 96
TVs (8319) 94
Fridges (6286) 91
Washing machines (7000) 90
Air conditioners (5018) 90
Ovens (4330) 88
Lawnmowers (4113) 86
Dishwashers (5049) 85

The figure in brackets is the number of subscribers reporting on this brand purchased in or after 2000.
These figures have been statistically adjusted for the age of the appliances.

Percentage who would buy again

TVs (8383) 89
Lawnmowers (4153) 88
Digital cameras (9097) 88
Air conditioners (5058) 87
Fridges (6219) 87
Washing machines (7001) 86
Dishwashers (5055) 80
Ovens (4340) 77

The figure in brackets is the number of subscribers reporting on this brand purchased in or after 2000.

See the results from our 2010 Appliance reliability survey.



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