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Here's an appliance that turns eggs and other sweet and savoury treats into cylindrical pops.
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Price: $38

2 and a half stars out of 5

Eggs are quick and easy to fry, poach, scramble or boil. But if you don’t have the time to prepare this simple meal then here comes the Rollie vertical grill, a compact appliance that turns eggs and other sweet and savoury dishes into cylindrical pops.

The Rollie has a vertical heating element surrounded by a cylindrical non-stick cooking surface that allows you to cook without a pan. Its silicone grip enables you to tip the eggs out easily onto a plate and you aren’t restricted to cooking eggs: you can also make burritos, pizza rollies or cinnamon rollies. The instruction booklet has a selection of recipes for you to choose from.


Our home economist, Fiona Mair, tested the Rollie by cooking eggs and mince meat (the burger dog recipe in the booklet). Before putting any food into the chamber for cooking, you need to add a generous amount of cooking oil spray to avoid sticking. It performed poorly when cooking eggs for the first time – the eggs were tough and stuck in the chamber, making it difficult to remove. On her second attempt, Fiona used more cooking oil spray and got a very good result – the eggs had a soft yolk and firm, cooked whites. Eggs are ready within six minutes, but using your stove and frypan gives you a quicker result, not to mention you can cook the eggs however you want. 

Fiona then followed the instructions to cook the burger dog. She found it difficult to feed the mince into the narrow cooking chamber and needed to use the plunger that’s provided. During cooking, fat and meat juices splash onto the bench and as the meat cooks and rises it can snap in half. While the meat was cooked, it had limited browning and a stewed texture.

Ease of use

Feeding some foods into the chamber can be awkward. It has bright indicator lights to let you know when it’s on and ready to use, but a timer would be handy to avoid over- or under-cooking. Within a minute it is pre-heated and ready to go, and while the exterior doesn’t become hot, steam is produced and released from the top of the chamber. It has a small cord that can be annoying and restrictive, but it’s lightweight and compact to store. It’s also easy to clean. The exterior can be wiped over and the interior can be cleaned with the bottle-type brush that’s provided.

CHOICE verdict

The Rollie does perform as it’s intended to, so if you’re into these types of gadgets you’ll be intrigued; however, we aren’t convinced that it’s a necessary kitchen appliance.



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