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This juicer claims to supercharge your health in seconds. What's our verdict?
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01.The juicy details

Price: $290

4 stars out of 5

Forget peeling your fruits or picking those grapes off the stems, just throw it all into this juicer/blender/mill!

The Nutribullet claims to “supercharge your health in seconds” and comes with a supply of recipes with names like “Toxin Cleansing”, “Fountain of Youth” and “Free Radical Fighter” - so it's no wonder we were looking forward to getting it into our test kitchen to check out some of the more verifiable claims.

If you're blending up a juice, most of the recipes call for 50% leafy greens, 50% fruits, and a ¼ cup of seeds or nuts to add what the Nutribullet's marketing department calls a “super boost”. While the recipes mention “superfoods” such as goji and acai, we recommend avoiding these expensive foods and going for the everyday superfoods you can get from the supermarket, instead.


Essentially, the Nutribullet juices and mills. Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE’s test kitchen, found it does both things well. It produces a pulpy juice because there's no separation of pulp and juice – and you'll undoubtedly get more fibre from a juice with pulp, as it includes all the fibre from pulp, skin, seeds and stems in some cases. For nutritional values we found in our latest juicers test, click here.

The Nutribullet is similar to a blender, but due to the shape of the cup and the high-speed blades it can blend the food to a smooth texture, which can be thick or thin depending on the amount of liquid added. The blending takes approximately 30 seconds to achieve a very smooth consistency, but this will depend on the type of fruit and vegetables or if you're adding nuts or seeds. It also has a blade that can dry-mill nuts, oats and seeds.

The claim to be able to blend seeds and stems comes with some caveats – not all seeds are recommended due to toxins and the instructions point these out. We found that skins from grapes didn’t tend to process well, and when processing nuts and seeds, these aren’t processed fully and tend to leave a gritty feel in the mouth.

Ease of use

The Nutribullet is a small, lightweight unit that can be stored easily, is easy to assemble and very easy to clean. It comes with two cup sizes (400mL and 700mL). To start it up all you do is fill up the cups to the prescribed limits, screw on a cap, place it in the blender mechanism and push down and twist to start it.

The only downsides are that the screw-on blade extractor can be difficult to tighten and remove if you have weak wrists, and while the cups are dishwasher safe, the blades are not. The blades require a warm, soapy wash only.

CHOICE verdict

We found the Nutribullet was a handy juicer, which can replace a small food processor, juicer and blender. Mostly it blends, juices and mills well and is easy to store and clean. However, it is noisy and reasonably expensive compared to other blenders.

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