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Multi-cooker reviews

Need a versatile cooking companion? One that performs under pressure for the last-minute-meal or can go long and slow for the preplanned, flavour infused, hearty dinner?
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Bowl of food cooked using a slow cooker.

If time is of the essence, a multi-function cooker that can both slow cook and pressure cook is a versatile and time-saving appliance.

A slow cooker suits the more organised person – if you can spend a little effort in the morning to prepare a meal, you can have it ready when you get home at night.

A pressure cooker is best for people who prefer to think about dinner when it’s dinner time, but need it done on the double. It uses a small amount of liquid with a sealed lid that retains steam and builds pressure to cook your meal faster than most other cooking methods.

But many of us fit into both scenarios, so to get the best of both worlds (plus more), a multi-cooker could be the answer.

Our tests reveal which multi-cookers:

• perform well on slow cooking settings without drying out your dinner
• perform well for pressure cooking without turning your food into mush or under cooking
• cook rice without sticking
• and are easiest to use and clean

Looking for delicious slow cooker or pressure cooker recipes? See Cook's CHOICE to try our slow cooked chili shredded beef, corned beef, or osso bucco.

Brands tested

Breville The Fast Slow cooker BPR200
Cuisinart CPC-610A Pressure Cooker Plus
Ronson RPR800
Sunbeam PE6100 Aviva Pressure Cooker

How we test

Cooking performance

Fiona Mair, home economist from CHOICE's test kitchen, assesses each appliance by cooking chilli shredded beef and lamb shanks on both the slow and pressure cooker setting.

• For the chilli shredded beef test (with dried beans), she looks for a rich, fully flavoured sauce, tender beans, and meat that falls apart.
• The lamb shanks test assesses how well each product can cook melt in your mouth meat that falls off the bone, with good flavour development.

• She also cooks brown rice in the pressure cooker, to see how well they maintain the desired level of heat at a lower temperature for the duration of cooking.

Ease of use

Fiona assesses how easy the cookers are to assemble, store and clean. She also considers the external temperature of the cooker surface, handles, and controls during operation. Ease of use is broken down into the following categories, and are equally weighted:

• ease of assembly and storage
• quality of instructions
• ease of using controls and functions
• and ease of cleaning (including general cleaning and disassembly of parts for cleaning)
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