Kenwood Multipro Libra Food Processor review

A first look at this new processor.
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  • Updated:9 Nov 2007

01.Kenwood Multipro Libra FP950


Price: $399
Distributor: Delonghi Australia

Balancing act

The Kenwood Multipro Libra’s digital display conveniently allows for continuous weighing. With this handy function, you can weigh the first ingredient straight into the bowl, zero the scale, weigh the second ingredient, and so on. It can also be used as a stand-alone scale.

The scale weighs in 2g increments, so we tested it by comparing the scales to pre-measured weights up to 3kg (its maximum capacity), and we found it very accurate. Ideally, a kitchen scale should measure in 1g increments — but 2g shouldn’t affect the way your recipes turn out.

Please note: this information was current as of November 2007 but is still a useful guide to today's market. 


This combination food processor has many attachments, for almost any type of food preparation you can think of (and probably some you hadn’t). The attachments include:

  • knife blade
  • coarse and fine shredding disc
  • thin slicing/fine shredding disc (fine for julienne vegies)
  • chipper disc
  • rasping disc (for fine grating and snowing ice)
  • dough tool
  • twin beater whisk
  • mill
  • mini-processor bowl
  • citrus press
  • centrifugal juicer
  • blender
  • a carousel for storage

The hitch with the storage carousel is it’s a little bulky. It fits into the food processor bowl, but it increases the overall height, and doesn’t store many items for its size. You’ll need to find extra space to store the other accessories.

Food processing

So how does the machine rate as a food processor? It has easy to use controls with clear labelling. The food processor and blender have clear measurement gradings, are comfortable to grip, and lock into position easily. It’s dishwasher safe, and all parts are easy to clean.

Performance-wise, it chopped carrot and chicken, mixed cake batter, emulsified mayonnaise and milled peanuts to perfection. It sliced carrots, shredded cheese and carrots very well, but did miserably on crushing ice — only a quarter of the ice was crushed finely and evenly; not great for those strawberry daiquiries.

It also became a bit unbalanced when chopping, so you may need to hold it down when using this function.

CHOICE verdict

A combination food processor with a lot fewer features will set you back anywhere between $180 and $400. So for $399 and with many more functions, this model is well worth considering — provided you can make do with cocktails on the rocks.



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