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To get best use out of your rainwater tank, you need a good pump.
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  • Updated:19 Oct 2007


Water pump

Test results for 17 rainwater tank pumps from $278 to $908

If you install a rainwater tank, you'll usually need a good pump as well, so you can hook up a hose and water your garden. There's a wide range of brands and types of pumps available. Which ones deliver the best water flow?

We tested for pumps that deliver the best flowrate (the most litres of water per minute), as these will help you water your garden quickly and effectively. Water pressure from the pump is also an important factor, but more so if you’re using the pump to power your domestic water supply than simply watering the garden.

The best models pumped out 15 to 17 litres per minute in our test setup. For comparison, a typical domestic tap manages 15–18L/min (less for a low-flow or aerating model) and a standard showerhead around 15–25L/min.

We connected each pump to a water tank and measured the amount of water they pumped out through a standard garden hose. We also assessed how far they could squirt water from the hose and how noisy they are. We didn't test them for use in supplying water inside, such as to a toilet and washing machine, as that's a complex setup that can vary from home to home.

Our report offers you an unbiased, straightforward guide to choosing a good pump to water your garden.

For more great ideas on choosing the best rainwater tank, check out our buying guide on rainwater tanks.

Please note: this information was current as of October 2007 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Brands tested

  • Bianco Pumpz BIA-INOX 80 PC
  • Bianco Pumpz BIA-TECH40PC
  • Claytech Bluetron 100
  • Dab Pumps DAB-JINOX62MPCX
  • Dab Pumps DAB-KPS30-16MPCX
  • Davey HP45-05T
  • Davey SJ35-04PC
  • Gardena 3000/4 Jet
  • Gardena 4000/5 Jet #
  • Grundfos JP Basic 2 PC
  • Grundfos MQ3-45
  • Leader Ecotronic 90
  • Onga Dominator 4" 75/35 P3200100 (submersible)
  • Onga SMHP450
  • Onga SMH 350
  • Onga Tankbuddy OTB450A (submersible)
  • Rivalflo TFM30

# Discontinued.



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