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  • Updated:26 Feb 2008



Test results for 12 two-step and three-step stepladders priced from $20 to $155

Getting a spare blanket from the top shelf of the wardrobe, taking the curtains down for a wash or changing a light bulb are simple enough household tasks that generally don’t require you to climb to dizzy heights or carry heavy tools. For such jobs, a small, domestic stepladder, with two or three steps, made of metal or reinforced plastic is probably all you need.

We bought 12 stepladders — including eight with a platform you can stand on and a safety rail, instead of just a top step — from hardware and department stores. The ladders were subjected to tough tests, taken from the Australian ladder standard.

Our main finding: none of the cheaper stepladders priced $50 or less can be recommended, but neither can two that cost more than $100.

Please note: this information was current as of February 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Brands tested

  • Bailey Satellite FS10450
  • GAF 3 Step SL3 #
  • Geelong Single Sided
  • Geelong Wide Tread DWSL3W
  • Gorilla Aluminium Contractor M003-C
  • Homemaker 2 Step Fold-up
  • House & Home 2 Step
  • Household Safety First TR3-WHB #
  • Lion 3 Step Aluminium LT550R
  • Safety First 3 Step CRA030-3
  • Ullrich Double Sided DST03
  • Ullrich General Purpose GP03

# Model is discontinued but some stock may still be available.



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