Power tools

Independent and trusted tests, reviews and investigations of power tools and garden tools.

Cordless drill with nails and tape measure

Cordless drill reviews

We’ve tested 12 cordless drills priced from $78 to $249, including models from AEG, Bosch, Ryobi and Makita.

2 Jun 2014 | A cordless drill is a must-have tool for the dedicated DIYer, but which ones can handle the tough jobs?

High pressure cleaner iStock

Pressure cleaner reviews

These high-pressure water cleaners blast away grit and grime.

19 Feb 2014 | CHOICE reviews 30 pressure cleaners priced from $69 to $749 and finds that higher operating pressure really is the key to a good blaster.

Multi-function power tools

Multi-function tools home test

CHOICE member Sean Wain puts four oscillating power tools to work to see which one makes the cut.

15 Jan 2014 | We recruited a serious DIY renovator, CHOICE member Sean Wain, to test four popular multi-function power tools for us.


Secateurs review

Secateurs are an essential tool for most gardeners - but do you need to pay top dollar for them?

8 Aug 2013 | We test 13 bypass secateurs, priced from $4 to $66, for cutting performance and ease of use.


Garden shredders review

A garden shredder is handy for turning unwanted cuttings into mulch and compost.

8 Aug 2013 | We test eight electric garden shredders priced from $200 to $499 for performance on green, dry, and leafy material.

Bosch CISO cordless secateurs

Bosch Ciso cordless secateurs first look

The Bosch Ciso cordless secateurs offer powered pruning for the serious (or arthritic) gardener.

20 Jul 2011 | This product claims to make pruning an effortless task; we put it to the test.


Blower vacs review

These garden tools are quicker than using a rake or broom, but also noisier and dirtier.

17 Mar 2011 | We tested affordable petrol models as well as several corded electric models to see if they're a better option than the backyard broom.

Alligator lopper

Alligator lopper quick review

The Lopper chainsaw is now available in a cordless version. We tested it to see how it compares to the original

19 Mar 2009 | When CHOICE reviewed the corded Alligator Lopper we found it worked well and was easy to use but we had some reservations about safety.


Small stepladders review and compare

Don’t risk your safety when washing the windows.

26 Feb 2008 | Only three out of 12 household stepladders passed all our safety tests so choose carefully.


Ladders review 2005

Are they all equal?

8 Jan 2005 | We put seven multipurpose ladders to the test as well as five stepladders to see if they'd pass a "walking" test.


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