Mulcher lawnmowers review 2006

Mulching the grass you cut makes a lot of sense, not just for environmental reasons.
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  • Updated:9 Jan 2006


Mulcher lawn mower

Test results for 12 petrol-powered mulcher lawn mowers, priced from $449 to $886

The tested models included ten four-stroke and two two-stroke models.

We tested them for:

  • Grass-cutting performance in mulcher and catcher modes
  • Ease of use

Mulcher mowers chop the grass finely and force clipping back down into the lawn. By slowing evaporation, mulching can reduce your lawn's need for water and fertiliser.

For an alternative to petrol lawn mowers see our test of electric mowers.

Please note: this information was current as of January 2006 but is still a useful guide to today's market. For more recent information, see our Mulcher lawnmowers review 2011.


  • Most of the lawn mowers performed well, but one of the cheaper models impressed on all fronts.
  • Four-stroke motors are much less polluting than two-strokes, but there’s little discernible difference in performance.

Brands tested

  • GMC Mulch & Catch TDL484
  • HONDA Buffalo Buck HRU 19D1
  • HONDA Buffalo Classic HRU 196D
  • MASPORT Chip Catch 'n Mulch 983843
  • ROVER Leader 32H160
  • ROVER Mulch 'N Catch 35M92
  • TALON Eagle Ultimate Mulch or Catch AM3065
  • VICTA Mustang MCA482A (two-stroke)
  • VICTA Mustang MCA485A
  • VICTA Tornado Mulch or Catch TMS482A (two-stroke)
  • VICTA Tornado Mulch or Catch TMS484A
  • YARD-MAN 404X Mulch & Catch

What else you'll get in this report

As well as the test results you'll also get:

  • Prices, features and profiles for all models.
  • Invaluable buying information: Practical advice and tips. Read this before you buy!

For our 2009 updated report on mulcher lawn mowers see mulcher lawn mowers. View our buying guide for more tips on how to compare and review lawn mowers.



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