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Petrol trimmers outgun their cordless cousins.
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  • Updated:1 Aug 2006

05.All charged up

We measured how long the battery charge lasted for each of the four cordless trimmers while cutting fairly short grass.

  • While you wouldn’t usually use your trimmer to mow a lot of lawn, the area of grass they can cut on one battery charge is a useful comparison. For example, the BLACK & DECKER battery only lasted 14 minutes in our test, but the trimmer was powerful enough to cut a fair amount of grass in that time (and the battery recharges in only one hour).
  • The OZITO lasted as long as the ENVIROMOWER, but only managed to cut a third as much grass.
How good's the battery?
Brand / model
(in rank order)
Charge lasts for (minutes) Area cut per charge (m2)* Recharge time (hours)
BLACK & DECKER FireStorm NST 2018-XE 14 50 1
ENVIROMOWER Envirotrimmer LT250 23 75 12
RYOBI CLT-1223 21 25 6
OZITO CLT-400 23 25 7

Table notes

* This was measured on short grass performance; performance will vary depending on grass conditions.


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