Lawnmowers and trimmers

Independent and trusted tests, reviews and investigations of push, pull and petrol lawnmowers and grass trimmers.

mulcher lawn mowers

Mulcher and catcher lawnmower reviews

Mulcher mowers can give you a greener lawn and greener environment, but catcher models are handy for collecting clippings for compost bins.

18 Nov 2014 | In our updated test of over 30 mulcher and catcher lawnmowers, we reveal which models keep your lawn looking its best.


Line trimmer reviews

Line trimmer, whipper-snipper, weed-eater, lawn trimmer - whatever the name, which is best for your backyard?

29 Oct 2014 | We test 55 petrol, electric, and cordless line trimmers (AKA whipper-snippers, weed-eaters or lawn trimmers), ranging from $49 to $549.


Ride-on mowers review

Tractor-type ride-on mowers reviewed, and a guide to finding the right ride-on for you.

18 Nov 2013 | Eight ride-on mowers tested, plus a buying guide for researching which mower you need and what to look for.

electric lawn mowers

Electric and battery lawn mower reviews

Suitable for small city yards, and convenient to use.

24 Oct 2013 | Great for small backyards, electric and battery lawn mowers are fume-free, comparatively quiet and lightweight. CHOICE put 16 to the test.

Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Hedge trimmer reviews

We check out cordless battery-powered and electric hedge trimmers priced from $59 to $299.

27 Aug 2012 | Electric and battery-powered hedge trimmers are handy for keeping wayward hedges at bay - but which type should you go for?

Lawn edgers

Lawn edger reviews

We look at petrol and electric lawn edgers priced from $139 to $449.

15 Aug 2012 | Lawn edgers provide a professional-looking finish to your backyard - but some are easier to use than others


Husqvarna Automower 305 first look

This automated lawnmower will save you time and keep your lawn looking its best - but comes with a hefty pricetag.

27 Sep 2011 | Husqvarna's robotic answer to the sheep could be a good option for the time-poor home-owner.


Lawnmowers buying guide

What type of mower for you? Petrol, electric, battery?

17 May 2009 | What type of mower for you? Petrol, electric, battery? Generally petrol have the best cutting performance, though many electric models now come close.

Petrol and push lawn mower

Petrol and push lawn mower reviews

Which lawn mower will not only cut your grass well but also have the least environmental impact?

29 Sep 2008 | CHOICE tested both types of mowers for their performance and ease of use and checked the noise and safety of the petrol mowers as well.


Grass trimmer reviews

Petrol trimmers outgun their cordless cousins.

1 Aug 2006 | We tested grass trimmers for a number of things including horizontal trimming along fences and walls and ease of use.

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