HAAGA Outdoor sweeper quick review

A quiet and efficient outdoor sweeper - does it live up to expectations?
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  • Updated:7 Oct 2008

01.HAAGA Top Sweep55

HAAGA Top Sweep55

HAAGA Top Sweep55

Price $439 ($399 at home shows)
Weight 6 kg
Container volume 25 L
Sweeping capacity 1600m2/h
Width 55 cm
Contact www.edoma.com.au

The HAAGA TopSweep55 is a manual outdoor sweeper which claims to work quickly, quietly and efficiently at picking up almost anything in its path: leaves, stones, paper, empty cans and fine dirt.

It has two circular brushes at the front that rotate inwards as you push the sweeper, which flicks dirt into a container behind the brushes. The brushes protrude from the sides enabling it to pick up debris from edges and corners.

We tested it to see how well it picks up leaves, garden soil, sand and a mixture of that with twigs, gumnuts and gravel in both dry and wet conditions. We manoeuvred the sweeper over even and uneven pavers and concrete and along the edge of a pathway that meets a wall.

It collects garden waste in both dry and wet conditions well, providing there’s only a small amount of debris. Larger amounts require more effort as it pushes the dirt into a pile, which you need to go over numerous times before it’s all picked up. But there are wider HAAGA sweepers available that may perform better.

Once the dirt receptacle is filled to the same level as the brushes (a fifth of the claimed capacity), it flicks debris out the sides of the sweeper. But tilting the unit upwards will send all the debris to the back of the canister allowing you to continue. However depending on the type of debris you’re picking up, the angle and unevenness of the path, it may vibrate back to the front and be flicked out anyway.

It leaves behind traces of soil in the centre of its path, which can be picked up by overlapping on the next pass. On uneven surfaces and along edges its performance is OK, but it leaves some dirt in crevices.

The HAGGA can be tricky when turning corners. Some users may feel the need to push down on the handles to lift up the front of the sweeper to turn it (which you can’t do because the handle moves). But the trick is to pull the handle with your left hand and push with the right to turn left, and vice versa to turn right.

CHOICE verdict

At $399 it’s a very expensive, but it takes less effort than a broom and is a quiet alternative to a blower/vac for large areas.

Please note: this information was current as of October 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.



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