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Grow your own vegetables

Save on fruit and veggies by growing your own

13 Jan 2014 | More and more people are growing their own fruit and vegetables and saving money on their grocery bills. CHOICE shows you how to set up your own veggie patch.


Home test: Christmas lights

The light before Christmas

14 Nov 2013 | CHOICE voting members Roland Feillafe and Michelle Tangey and their families try out four LED Christmas light sets for ease of set-up and value for money.


Retractable hose reel reviews

We test nine retractable hose reels, ranging in price from $69 to $199.

28 Oct 2011 | CHOICE tests nine retractable hose reels for their ease of use and features.

Garden lights

Garden lights review

More work is needed before solar garden lights become anything more than decorative.

11 Mar 2009 | Improvements have been made in battery life since we last tested, although not a lot has changed in the solar technology.

HAAGA outdoor sweeper

HAAGA Outdoor sweeper quick review

A quiet and efficient outdoor sweeper - does it live up to expectations?

7 Oct 2008 | The HAAGA TopSweep55 is a manual outdoor sweeper which claims to work quickly, quietly and efficiently at picking up almost anything in its path: leaves, stones, paper, empty cans and fine dirt.

Plants growing in Aerogarden

Aerogarden quick review

High-tech gardeners count the cost of convenience.

23 Sep 2008 | Billed as the world’s first self-contained indoor garden appliance, Aerogarden promises dirt-free and virtually set-and-forget produce.



Is your house being eaten by termites? Don’t get bitten twice.

30 Oct 2005 | Our special report brings you up to date with the current issues and practice in termite treatment and helps you protect yourself from ineffective, expensive or harmful treatment.


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