Small barbecues review

We test two-burner barbecues designed for small spaces.
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  • Updated:11 Nov 2008


The following models scored the best results in our test: 

What to buy
Brand Price
Weber Q200 $519
Beefeater Discovery Classic 2 Burner $699
Downunder 2 Burner G2HDPC $349

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Results table

Full results for all models are shown in the table below.

  Performance Features
Brand/Model (in rank order) Overall score (%) Cooking performance score (%) Ease of use score (%) Ignition type Warming rack Cupboard in trolley Side burner Price
Weber Q200
82 90 70 Piezo manual button 519
Beefeater Discovery Classic 2 Burner
81 85 76 Piezo on left side burner gas tap 699
Downunder 2 Burner G2HDPC
81 83 78 Piezo on right side burner gas tap 349
Gasmate CB2-002-D
77 81 72 Battery operated on both burners 599
Jackeroo Dockside Duo
76 78 72 Piezo manual button 199
Weber 57cm One-Touch Kettle with Gas Kit
72 76 66 Manual 399
Grandhall Neil Perry T-Grill
70 76 60 Battery operated on both burners 999
Electric BBQ
Sunbeam Kettle King HG6600B
62 61 63 NA 280

  Features Specifications
Brand/Model (in rank order) Hotplates supplied Thermometer in hood Side tray/ folding Gas consumption (kg / hr) BBQ dimensions (W x D x H) (cm) * (BBQ hotplate heights in brackets)
Weber Q200
Chargrill plate •/• 3.2 83 x 51 x 99.5 (84)
Beefeater Discovery Classic 2 Burner
Chargrill plate / Solid hotplate •/- 6.68 118.5 x 65 x 115.5 (87)
Downunder 2 Burner G2HDPC
Chargrill plate / Solid hotplate •/• 5.3 77.1 x 64.5 x 78 (91)
Gasmate CB2-002-D
Chargrill plate / Solid hotplate •/• 6.7 66.1 x 63.5 x 120 (92)
Jackeroo Dockside Duo
Chargrill plate / Solid hotplate •/• 6.9 87 x 51.5 x 109 (87.5)
Weber 57cm One-Touch Kettle with Gas Kit
Grill rack -/- 2.32 60 x 71 x 96 (69)
Grandhall Neil Perry T-Grill
Chargrill plate •/- 6.68 117 x 71 x 117 (96.5)
Electric BBQ
Sunbeam Kettle King HG6600B
Non-stick hot plate NA 65.5 x 55 x 110 (88)

Table notes

Scores The overall score is made up of:

Cooking performance: 60%
Ease of use: 40%
Price Recommended retail, as of September 2008.

How we tested

Four cooking tests were performed on the barbeques:

Our CHOICE Home Economists cooked sausages and steak, marinated chicken wings and roasted a whole chicken.

The hood was open when cooking sausages and steak, unless stated by the manufacturer to cook with the hood closed. The chicken was cooked with the hood down and turned only once during the cooking process. It was placed on a rack centred in the middle of the plates using the ‘indirect method’ (where there is no direct heat under the food).

Our barbecuing tests are fairly severe – while most people would probably move the food around the plates to make sure it cooks evenly, we cooked it on one side and then the other without otherwise moving it at all. This is a good check of how evenly the cooking surface is heated — if it’s even, you can fill the plate without worrying about some sausages burning while others remain undercooked.

Because of this, the cooking performance of those lower scoring models could possibly be improved if the cooking is monitored and the food moved around between hotter and cooler parts to improve the evenness.

To test ease of use, our tester checked ease of use while cooking, ease of cleaning, mobility, ease of using controls and ease of fitting the gas bottle (except for the Sunbeam).