Independent and trusted reviews and advice about food sustainability, including information about food endorsement programs, Fairtrade products, and free range food.


Free range eggs

What does 'free range' really mean, and are consumers being misled?

26 Mar 2014 | If you’re buying free range eggs because you believe in animal welfare, the brands in the big supermarkets may not be meeting your expectations.


Free range egg petition

Join our call to reject the Egg Corporation’s proposed free-range standard.

30 May 2012 | We'd like to thank the 3101 people who signed on to ask the ACCC to reject the Australian Egg Corporation's certification trade mark that would allow a 13-fold increase on the current free-range outdoor stocking density maximum.


Sustainable seafood labelling

We take a look at the implications of weak labelling requirements for sustainable seafood.

20 Dec 2011 | Are the big supermarkets’ sustainable fish-sourcing strategies bona fide or merely a marketing hook?

Endorsement programs

Food endorsement programs

We look beyond the catchy logos to tell you which endorsement schemes you can really trust.

2 Mar 2010 | CHOICE reviews the programs behind the top 10 health and sustainability endorsement logos you see on foods.

Earth and shopping trolleys

Food miles - why eat 'local'?

You'll be surprised at how well-travelled your food is.

28 Oct 2008 | Food miles advocates are calling for localised eating to counter the number of imported products on our supermarket shelves. But is it even possible to eat well on food grown within about 160km of where you live?


Green claims on supermarket labels

Supermarket items make all sorts of green claims but can you trust them?

6 May 2008 | CHOICE is campaigning to make sure green claims are honest and useful, because consumers should be able to sort the true green products from the greenwash.

Fairtrade logo

Fairtrade products buying guide

Buying Fairtrade products is a way to make your buying decisions improve the lives of small producers in developing countries.

27 Aug 2007 | So what are Fairtrade products, and what’s it all about?

chickens on grass

Free-range meat - is it all equal?

If you buy free-range, how do you make sure you get what you pay for?

6 Mar 2007 | Free-range can mean a variety of things — the only common bottom line is that the general welfare requirements under state-based animal welfare acts and codes must be met.


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