Independent and trusted reviews and investigations of food and health marketing, including information about food labelling and excess packaging.


The Hard Word - Dec 2009

A monthly show looking at the funnier side of marketing and misprints.

21 Dec 2009 | McDonalds, tattoos and traces of nuts feature in this pilot for our new series.


Shrink watch

Astute CHOICE shoppers have alerted us to the growing list of shrinking products on supermarket shelves.

16 Dec 2009 | Let us know your additions to the list so we can investigate further.

Children's products on computer screen

Food marketing: child's play?

We take a look at how food is marketed to children, and what the problems are.

6 Mar 2007 | Kids are a special target for food marketing, and this concerns us for several reasons.

Set and styled table with food and wine

Food styling tricks revealed

If you’ve ever flicked through the pages of a glossy food magazine you’ve seen what a food stylist can do.

24 Jan 2002 | The problem with food photography is that food tends to dry out, shrink, discolour and sag — food styling is about counteracting these forces.

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