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Shrink watch

16 Dec 2009 | Let us know your additions to the list so we can investigate further.  More »


The Hard Word - Dec 2009

21 Dec 2009 | McDonalds, tattoos and traces of nuts feature in this pilot for our new series.  More »

chickens on grass

Free-range meat - is it all equal?

06 Mar 2007 | Free-range can mean a variety of things — the only common bottom line is that the general welfare requirements under state-based animal welfare acts and codes must be met.  More »

Set and styled table with food and wine

Food styling tricks revealed

24 Jan 2002 | The problem with food photography is that food tends to dry out, shrink, discolour and sag — food styling is about counteracting these forces.   More »

Children's products on computer screen

Food marketing: child's play?

06 Mar 2007 | Kids are a special target for food marketing, and this concerns us for several reasons.  More »

Fairtrade logo

Fairtrade products buying guide

27 Aug 2007 | So what are Fairtrade products, and what’s it all about?  More »

Earth and shopping trolleys

Food miles - why eat 'local'?

28 Oct 2008 | Food miles advocates are calling for localised eating to counter the number of imported products on our supermarket shelves. But is it even possible to eat well on food grown within about 160km of where you live?  More »

Woman shopping

CHOICE guide to food labelling

20 Jan 2009 | Food labelling can be a minefield of confusion and misinformation. Labelling legislation offers some relief, but often isn't sufficiently enforced.  More »


The Hard Word - January 2010

21 Jan 2010 | An honest clairvoyant, a murderous driving school and a cash prize that falls a little short.  More »


Green claims on supermarket labels

06 May 2008 | CHOICE is campaigning to make sure green claims are honest and useful, because consumers should be able to sort the true green products from the greenwash.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Woman looks at products on supermarket shelves

Cause-related marketing

18 Jul 2014 | A charity needs to get its funding from somewhere, including private companies and organisations. But are marketing campaigns where brands align with charities a win for all parties involved?  More »

Palm oil

Palm oil labelling

03 Jul 2014 | Palm oil is not always sourced in sustainable ways and is high in saturated fats - so why do manufacturers use it and why doesn't it have to be labelled?  More »

One hundred dollar notes in pocket

Lifting the lid on corporate sponsorship

12 Jun 2014 | Corporate sponsorship is an increasingly common source of revenue for health-related organisations. We look at how corporate sponsors can exert their influence.  More »


Serving up inconsistency

03 Apr 2014 | Unrealistic and inconsistent serving sizes in food and drinks create confusion for consumers and are a source of frustration for those watching their waistlines.  More »

Detecting allergens in food

Food allergen warnings

06 Nov 2013 | Precautionary warnings on packaged foods are confusing consumers. How real is the risk of accidental cross-contamination of potentially dangerous allergens? CHOICE investigates.  More »


The rise of nutritional branding

20 Nov 2012 | We look at 200 products with implied health or quality claims and discover there is a fine line between healthy and hoodwinked.  More »


Sustainable seafood labelling

20 Dec 2011 | Are the big supermarkets’ sustainable fish-sourcing strategies bona fide or merely a marketing hook?  More »


Truth in food labelling

15 Sep 2011 | Seductive labels on food that promise less saturated fat, no added sugar or a bumper amount of wholegrains often don't tell the whole nutritional story.  More »


Country of origin labelling

10 May 2011 | Our survey revealed Australian consumers are passionate about buying Aussie products, but do they understand claims about the origin of the food they are purchasing?  More »


The Hard Word-August 2010

26 Aug 2010 | It's cheaper to pick your pizza up in person, better to play it safe with the seafood menu and easier to disregard the rules of punctuation.  More »

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    Babies-and-kids-council-advertisingA panel of experts has discussed hot topics affecting Australian parents at the inaugural CHOICE Kids and Baby Council - 2012. Here they discuss advertising.
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    2010_08_hard_word_august Kat takes her regular look at the funnier side of advertising, with misprints and misrepresentations sent in by CHOICE readers.
  • The Hard Word

    2010_07_hard_word Some of the funnier misprints and adverts spotted by our readers, presented by Kat Zivkovich.

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