HRT and menopause treatments

Negative publicity about HRT led to a flood of alternatives. Do they work?
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  • Updated:20 Jan 2009

03.Where's the evidence?

Reviewing the evidence

We approached 13 companies that market herbal treatments that claim to relieve the symptoms of menopause, and asked them to provide evidence for these claims – eight responded, although one, Totally Natural Products, declined to provide information. The five companies who did not respond are Ethical Nutrients, Greenridge, Microgenics, Nature’s Way and Naturopathica (MenoEze).

Evidence from Blackmores, Flordis, Herron, Novogen and Schaper & Brummer was mainly in the form of clinical trials showing their respective active ingredients were effective. However, as noted previously, some studies have found these ingredients not so effective.

Clear Menopause and Fusion Health Menopause Free are multi-ingredient preparations with several active ingredients. The evidence provided by these companies was mainly in the form of references to traditional herbal pharmacopaeias. There were some references to clinical trials, but for individual ingredients only, so if you want to use either of them you won’t know if the product as sold has been proven to work in clinical trials.


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