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  • Updated:5 Oct 2005

05.Detox case studies

We wanted to see what impact detoxing would have on people’s daily lives, so we recruited three volunteers for the task.

What they did

Liz, Zac and Megan were each given one of the detox kits on review to try out. Throughout the detox, they kept a diary recording their experiences. Some common themes ran throughout.

What they found

  • Both Zac and Liz struggled at the beginning, often feeling tired and lacking in energy. Zac had difficulty concentrating at work, and on several occasions had to go to bed earlier than normal.
  • Megan commented on the expense of buying organic food (as recommended by her kit), and the need to be more organised than usual so that she had plenty of the ‘allowed’ foods at home and work.
  • And not surprisingly (considering the laxative effect of the fibre supplements the kits contain), they all experienced minor stomach troubles early on in the program — something the kits do warn can happen.
  • Probably the biggest difficulty they faced was trying to fit the specific requirements of the detox program into their daily lives — remembering to take pills before, during and after meals, and particularly choosing suitable foods when out to dinner or at a barbecue with friends. For Liz, working in the catering industry and surrounded by food all day, commitment to her detox program was a real challenge.

The result

On completion they all felt the detox they’d tried had had some benefits — Zac felt healthier, and Liz felt she had more energy. But all three agreed that they weren’t sure what to put the improvements down to. As Megan said, “It feels like my body is functioning better, but it’s hard to tell if that’s due to supplements or a better diet, restricting unhealthy foods.”

So did detoxing have a lasting impact? We checked back with our detoxers two months later, and they each noted that they now try to drink more water and eat more fruit, vegies and healthier food in general. Certainly a positive outcome, but what they learnt was no different from the advice given in every sensible diet plan (or CHOICE food article, come to that). Do we really have to spend $50+ and put ourselves through a probably unnecessary detox program before we take any notice?


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