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  • Updated:17 Jun 2011

01.CHOICE responds to criticism from CropLife and AUSVEG

CHOICE has been criticised by agricultural industry bodies CropLife and AUSVEG for its support of a campaign for better regulation of agricultural pesticides in Australia.

Both industry groups have issued media releases accusing CHOICE of unscientific conduct in our stance on the need for better pesticide regulation.

The people’s watchdog is proud of its independence and reliance on science as the basis of our work and campaigns. Many of our employees have worked at the CSIRO and other evidence-based organisations.

CHOICE is not opposed to chemical based agriculture. Indeed, we recognise the necessity of these products in primary production so that growing populations can be fed.

CHOICE is arguing for modernisation of our regulatory system to bring Australia up to the same standard as Europe and the United States. This will put the onus on chemical manufacturers to use best-practice scientific standards to prove their products are safe. As a result, CHOICE supports a risk based framework that requires regular reviews of high-risk chemicals, with greater safety data.

CHOICE has not sought to undermine confidence in the safety of fruit and vegetables. A search of our website will show that we encourage higher consumption of these food groups. We will continue to add its voice to the campaign for better regulation of pesticides in Australia.

The people’s watchdog has nothing to apologise for, withdraw or correct. Our scientific stance may be at odds with CropLife and AUSVEG but it is CHOICE’s role to defend the consumer interest, in the same way as it is the role of CropLife and AUSVEG to defend industry interests.

For more information:
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