Independent and trusted advice about health safety, including information about sun safety, pesticides, screening tests, and organ donation.

Screen of bodies

Screening tests

We look at the major screening programs for bowel, breast and prostate cancer.

31 Mar 2010 | To help decide which tests are worth taking, it's helpful to understand the criteria the public health system uses to assess possible screening tests. Many tests detect diseases before your symptoms occur.

Nanotech spiral

Nanotechnology in question

Nanotechnology is already here, yet most of us know nothing about it.

22 Jun 2007 | Nanotechnology is heralded as making products and processes smaller, smarter, cleaner and safer, but could also spell trouble for our health and the environment.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

The fluoride debate

Is fluoride good for your teeth, or a slow poison? We look at the most recent evidence.

23 Feb 2007 | There’s now solid scientific evidence that fluoride added to drinking water helps to protect your teeth from decay.

Woman applying sunscreen

Sun safety - how much is too much?

Some exposure to sunlight is essential for your health, but too much can be dangerous.

10 Oct 2005 | Summer is the season to get outdoors and enjoy the warm days, but it's also the season when the sun's rays are harshest on your skin.

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