Independent and trusted reviews and tests of medicines, including cold and flu medicines, and pregnancy multivitamins, as well as advice about flu shots, and mixing medicines.


Contraception options expert guide

CHOICE reviews long term and short term contraception, including new generation pills, rings, implants and injections.

13 Feb 2015 | CHOICE's health experts compare contraceptive options available in Australia, including long-acting reversible methods, hormonal injections, IUD, the pill and emergency contraception.

Woman holding contraceptive pill

Yaz and Yasmin contraceptive pills - what are the side effects?

While studies indicate potential issues with drospirenone, the pill is still safe for most women.

13 Feb 2015 | Considering the class actions and studies linking contraceptive pills Yaz, Yasmin and their generics to health issues, should you be concerned about taking them?

food and medication that don't mix picture of spoon with lots of pills on it

Foods and medications that don’t mix

Some food and drugs shouldn't be taken together.

16 Jul 2014 | Eating particular foods when you’re taking some medication can reduce the effectiveness of your drugs or even be bad for your health.

generic pain pill with a dollar sign on it

Pain relief drugs: Panadol and Nurofen

Drug companies have convinced consumers to pay much more for paracetamol and ibuprofen than they need to.

12 Jun 2014 | Panadol and Nurofen are responsible half the sales of pain relief drugs in Australia. But when it comes to their active ingredients - paracetamol and ibuprofen - a generic brand is just as good.


Cough, cold and flu treatments

We look at which over-the-counter and natural remedies help combat colds and flu.

28 Jun 2013 | Learn how to prevent and effectively treat your common cold and flu symptoms.

Prescription medicine

Prescription medicine

Is the government’s unsavvy spending on prescription medicines costing consumers millions of dollars more per year than they need to pay?

8 May 2013 | We reveal how the price of prescription medicines in Australia compares to that in other countries.



There’s a multivitamin out there for every age and gender, but do you really need one?

3 Aug 2012 | While it’s tempting, and not uncommon, to take multivitamins as a nutritional insurance policy, it’s far more beneficial to your health to improve your diet.

Pregnancy and fertility vitamins

Pregnancy multivitamins

Are they essential, or just a pricey gimmick?

1 Sep 2011 | There are plenty of specialist multivitamin on the market for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Can they be beneficial, or are they just a gimmick?

discount medicines

Discount medicines

See how much you can save on the 10 top-selling medicines simply by shopping around.

3 Jun 2010 | Our CHOICE price comparison shows dramatic savings on both prescription and non-prescription medicines, depending on which pharmacy you shop at.

Mixing pills

The dangers of mixing medicines

CHOICE investigates adverse events associated with medication and what can be done to prevent them.

11 Sep 2009 | Our reliance on medicines has dramatically increased, and mixing them can prove a dangerous cocktail. CHOICE explains who’s at risk and why.

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