Independent and trusted advice and guides about medical conditions, including information about food allergies, insomnia, ageing, and cardiovascular health.



From therapist's couch to virtual couch, we look at your treatment options.

1 Feb 2013 | Treatments for anxiety may include psychological therapies, medication and self-help.


Baby thermometer reviews

A good thermometer is a must-have for any home with kids.

25 Jul 2012 | We review 10 digital probe thermometers that are suitable for babies and toddlers, as well as older children and adults.


Online health tests

Give yourself a health check with these online resources.

22 Jun 2012 | We've selected online health tests from reputable sources to help determine your current health status and future health risks.



Who's getting it and why?

8 May 2012 | We look at the different types of diabetes, as well as pre-diabetes, and the latest research into causes and prevention.


Dishing up on cancer

Is your diet carcinogenic?

26 Apr 2012 | Information about foods and drinks that could cause cancer is continually updated. We bring you the latest.


Guide to online health advice

With colds and flus upon us, who can you trust for reliable information online? We give you the low-down.

14 Mar 2012 | With colds and flus upon us, who can you trust to give you reliable information online? We give you the low-down.


Vitamin D deficiency

Are you getting enough vitamin D?

18 Jan 2012 | Vitamin D deficiency has been described as a pandemic. We explain if you're at risk, and what you can do to get enough.


Fighting dementia

What can we do to boost brain health?

1 Sep 2011 | Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in Australians aged 65 years or older. It's predicted that by 2050 it will affect one million Australians.


Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation could be adversely impacting your life in many ways.

11 Aug 2011 | As Australians adopt busier lifestyles, we’re also becoming more sleep deprived. CHOICE outlines why you may need more zzzzs.



One in six Australians will experience an episode of depression at sometime in their lives.

15 Oct 2010 | Fortunately, a range of effective and affordable treatments is available, ranging from talking therapies to certain drugs, and may be more affordable than you imagine.

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