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Health facts and fiction

28 Dec 2013 | Read these widely held notions about everything from diet and exercise, to air travel and antioxidants.  More »

Glucosamine pills

Glucosamine review

08 May 2008 | Does glucosamine help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis? The latest research casts some doubt on the matter.  More »

A head lice

Head lice treatments guide

21 Aug 2007 | Tenacious parasites are becoming increasingly resistant to conventional insecticide treatments.  More »

hand spraying aerosol can

Hazardous pesticides freely available

17 Jun 2011 | Cockroach baits, termite treatments, surface sprays and head lice treatments are some of the products containing ingredients that could seriously affect our health and that of our children.  More »

Memory-enhancing pills

21 Jul 2008 | There are pills on the market that claim these benefits, and more. They can set you back anything from $10 to $70 a bottle. But do they work?  More »

Woman with blue eyes

Guide to laser eye surgery

03 Apr 2007 | Since it was first performed in Australia in the early 1990s, laser eye surgery has become very popular, with many thousands each year choosing it to correct their long- or short-sightedness.  More »


Buy generic drugs and save

25 Nov 2008 | A generic drug is a copy of a branded drug. It's chemically equivalent to its branded counterpart but usually costs less.  More »

Promotion overdose

27 Aug 2008 | GPs are bombarded with marketing and promotions from drug companies. This can influence their prescribing habits — and this isn’t in the best interest of consumers.   More »

Mixing pills

The dangers of mixing medicines

11 Sep 2009 | Our reliance on medicines has dramatically increased, and mixing them can prove a dangerous cocktail. CHOICE explains who’s at risk and why.  More »

Travel health

Travel health guide

18 Dec 2013 | The last thing you need to worry about on a trip is illness. Here's how to keep safe and healthy while you're travelling.   More »

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Chemicals in clothing

24 Mar 2014 | While product safety is a hot legislative topic in other countries, it isn’t in in Australia.   More »

Health screening test

Direct-to-consumer health screening

18 Mar 2014 | Some health-screening services promise early detection of serious disease, but may instead result in unnecessary worry or false reassurance.  More »

Travel health

Travel health guide

18 Dec 2013 | The last thing you need to worry about on a trip is illness. Here's how to keep safe and healthy while you're travelling.   More »

CHOICE reviews blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitor reviews

24 Nov 2013 | One in seven Australian adults suffer from some form of high blood pressure. If you’re one of them, monitoring your condition regularly at home with a blood pressure monitor can be useful.  More »


Online optical stores

04 Nov 2013 | Our shadow shop found you can end up with the wrong prescription from an online store, or frames and lenses that don’t fit.  More »


Pregnancy supplements

23 Jul 2013 | Most pregnant women take supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other alternative medicines. While some are useful, others can do more harm than good.   More »


Tattoo removal

08 Oct 2013 | The tool of choice for tattoo removal these days is a laser - a technology which can and has caused burns and permanent scars on tattoo removal patients. But that doesn't mean you're required to have any medical training to use one.   More »

chemicals in cleaning products - CHOICE

Secret ingredient: chemicals in cleaners

20 Nov 2013 | It’s not easy to find out exactly what’s in that household multipurpose cleaner, and if it’s safe, as manufacturers aren’t required to include ingredients on the label and many chemicals permitted for use in Australia have never been tested.   More »


Doctor No

10 Oct 2013 | An apple a day keeps the doctor away - but what does the doctor keep away from? CHOICE finds out what 17 health professionals advise against.   More »

Sick in bed

Surviving hospital: infections

23 Oct 2013 | Hospital-acquired infections can have serious consequences, including repeat surgery – or even fatalities – and cost Australia $1bn a year. CHOICE checks up on the situation.  More »

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