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Health facts and fiction

28 Dec 2013 | Read these widely held notions about everything from diet and exercise, to air travel and antioxidants.  More »

Glucosamine pills

Glucosamine review

08 May 2008 | Does glucosamine help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis? The latest research casts some doubt on the matter.  More »

A head lice

Head lice treatments guide

21 Aug 2007 | Tenacious parasites are becoming increasingly resistant to conventional insecticide treatments.  More »

hand spraying aerosol can

Hazardous pesticides freely available

17 Jun 2011 | Cockroach baits, termite treatments, surface sprays and head lice treatments are some of the products containing ingredients that could seriously affect our health and that of our children.  More »

Memory-enhancing pills

21 Jul 2008 | There are pills on the market that claim these benefits, and more. They can set you back anything from $10 to $70 a bottle. But do they work?  More »

Woman with blue eyes

Guide to laser eye surgery

03 Apr 2007 | Since it was first performed in Australia in the early 1990s, laser eye surgery has become very popular, with many thousands each year choosing it to correct their long- or short-sightedness.  More »


Buy generic drugs and save

25 Nov 2008 | A generic drug is a copy of a branded drug. It's chemically equivalent to its branded counterpart but usually costs less.  More »

Promotion overdose

27 Aug 2008 | GPs are bombarded with marketing and promotions from drug companies. This can influence their prescribing habits — and this isn’t in the best interest of consumers.   More »

Mixing pills

The dangers of mixing medicines

11 Sep 2009 | Our reliance on medicines has dramatically increased, and mixing them can prove a dangerous cocktail. CHOICE explains who’s at risk and why.  More »

Travel health

Travel health guide

18 Dec 2013 | The last thing you need to worry about on a trip is illness. Here's how to keep safe and healthy while you're travelling.   More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Woman holding contraceptive pill

Yaz and Yasmin contraceptive pills - what are the side effects?

13 Feb 2015 | Considering the class actions and studies linking contraceptive pills Yaz, Yasmin and their generics to health issues, should you be concerned about taking them?  More »


Contraception options expert guide

13 Feb 2015 | CHOICE's health experts compare contraceptive options available in Australia, including long-acting reversible methods, hormonal injections, IUD, the pill and emergency contraception.  More »

Man pulling hat over face

Embarrassing (but common) conditions

20 Nov 2014 | From jock itch to hemorrhoids, incontinence to bad breath, we all suffer from embarrassing bodies. CHOICE looks at the causes and treatments of embarrassing conditions.  More »

FL Zoomies

Zoomies review

04 Nov 2014 | OK, so $30 may not seem like a lot of money, but there are plenty of better things to spend it on than Zoomies.  More »


Cosmetic surgery tourism

23 Dec 2014 | Should you go offshore to save some bucks on your cosmetic procedure, or are there too many risks?   More »

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes

31 Jul 2014 | They’re marketed as a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer alternative to regular combustible cigarettes, but not everyone is convinced e-cigarettes are the answer.  More »

generic pain pill with a dollar sign on it

Pain relief drugs: Panadol and Nurofen

12 Jun 2014 | Panadol and Nurofen are responsible half the sales of pain relief drugs in Australia. But when it comes to their active ingredients - paracetamol and ibuprofen - a generic brand is just as good.   More »

food and medication that don't mix picture of spoon with lots of pills on it

Foods and medications that don’t mix

16 Jul 2014 | Eating particular foods when you’re taking some medication can reduce the effectiveness of your drugs or even be bad for your health.  More »

body numbers

Know your body numbers

22 May 2014 | Prevention is the best medicine, and that includes keeping an eye on key indicators of your health like weight, blood pressure and cholesterol.  More »


Chemicals in clothing

24 Mar 2014 | While product safety is a hot legislative topic in other countries, it isn’t in in Australia.   More »

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