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  • Updated:19 Oct 2008

05.Sustainable fish table

Sustainable fish table

Table notes

Fish name For fresh fish we’ve used the preferred name from the Australian Fish Names Standard; for processed fish we’ve used the name on the label for ease of recognition.

Omega-3s This gives an indication of the amount of EPA and DHA — the omega-3 fatty acids that confer health benefits — per 150g serving of fish. The actual values vary with the season and where the fish was caught, and some fish names such as ‘pacific salmon’ and ‘prawns’ cover several different species. The recommended daily intake is 600mg for men and 400mg for women.

starstarstar          More than 1000mg per 150g serve.
starstar              Between 1000mg and 500mg per 150g serve.
star                  Between 500mg and 200mg per 150g serve.
empty star                  Less than 200mg per 150g

We calculated the values for processed fish from information on the packaging; for fresh fish from data published by the CSIRO.

Aquaculture See Fish farming

Sustainably harvested This is a contentious issue on which opinions differ, and often there’s a lack of hard scientific evidence. We’ve tried to assess the most likely status of each of the fish in the table based on Australian government and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation surveys.

green fish                From what appear to be a sustainable fisheries.

orange fish                Fish that are under pressure and may be overfished.

red fish                Overfished and of significant conservation concern.

(A) Can be from a number of different species.


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