Organic and free range

Independent and trusted reviews and tests of organic and free range food products, including information about organic and free trade chocolate, organic meat, and free range eggs.


Free range eggs

What does 'free range' really mean, and are consumers being misled?

26 Mar 2014 | If you’re buying free range eggs because you believe in animal welfare, the brands in the big supermarkets may not be meeting your expectations.


Free range egg petition

Join our call to reject the Egg Corporation’s proposed free-range standard.

30 May 2012 | We'd like to thank the 3101 people who signed on to ask the ACCC to reject the Australian Egg Corporation's certification trade mark that would allow a 13-fold increase on the current free-range outdoor stocking density maximum.


Organic and fairtrade chocolate

You can pay a premium for organic and fairtrade chocolate, but do they taste any better than standard chocolate?

19 Nov 2010 | We put 11 brands to the taste test.

Organic meat

Organic meat in question

You pay the price for organic meat, but can you be sure that what you're getting is the real deal?

30 Jul 2009 | Organic meat is expensive to produce so you’ll pay more. But how can you be sure you’re getting what you pay for? CHOICE investigates.

Eggs with smiley faces on them

Free range eggs not all they're cracked up to be

How free are the hens that lay free-range eggs? Have big producers redefined free range to suit themselves?

20 Jun 2008 | If you’re buying free-range eggs because you believe in animal welfare, the brands in the big supermarkets may not be meeting your expectations.

Roast chicken

Roast chicken taste test

Thirty years of intensive farming practices means expensive organic and free-range chickens don’t taste any better than a standard factory chook.

3 Mar 2008 | So what’s the tastiest chicken? Do the more expensive organic and free-range chooks really taste better than standard factory-farmed ones?

Seller in front of market stall

Farmers' markets buying guide

Should you trade in your supermarket trolley for food straight off the farm?

13 Feb 2008 | There’s no legislation defining farmers' markets in Australia—each has its own charter which sets out what the market allows and doesn’t. So can you be sure that farmers and producers are the ones getting your custom?

Lady fruit and veg shopping

Organic food buying guide

Choosing organic food is easier than ever. But is it worth the extra money?

17 Jul 2007 | Not too long ago you had to go to special shops if you wanted organic food. Now you can find plenty in supermarkets, but mostly you’ll pay a pretty high premium over the cost of standard produce. Is it really worth it?


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